Gain competitive advantage with productive, connected and consumer-focused practices - with a unified, powerful, cloud-backed, all-in-one ERP platform from Microsoft – Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a great tool for enhancing your business productivity, especially if you have a small to medium sized operation, or wish to have an all-in-one ERP solution. D365 Business Central offers a single, unified platform that helps you unify processes and centralize your big data. It’s easy to use and highly navigable. Its role-based home page offers swift access to all major areas, activities as well as numbers/ business intelligence. This makes information highly coherent and accessible. With Business Central by Microsoft D365, small to medium sized organizations can bring most of their activities on one platform, thereby enhancing the optimization of their costs, efforts, human resources and technical investments.

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D365 Business Central, once integrated, can be accessed and used on any device – from anywhere. This means greater agility for businesses, allowing them remote working capabilities and more. Easy to use, this powerful cloud intelligence backed, highly customizable tool can help in many facets of your business, its day to day running and in long-term decision-making and growth. You get real-time insights and quick snapshots of key performance indicators, headlines, action items and more from a single dashboard or home screen, which not only saves time but also enhances efficiency and accuracy. From the same screen, business areas can be changed/ selected and business actions be performed. Features like filtering, advance search, creation of favorite sections, navigation etc. help in swift actions, while its interoperability with Microsoft 365 lets users truly do more with less.


Are you a Microsoft 365 user, planning to get Dynamics 365 for your business? Bitscape dynamics 365 consulting services can help you make the right decision – bringing you most cost effective and relevant solutions. You can partner with Bitscape as your Dynamics 365 Business Central consultant – to address your multiple business needs like financial, inventory, project, sales/purchase management etc. from a single, unified cloud-based platform. Bitscape is a Microsoft Solutions partner and our certified Dynamics 365 consulting experts can help you get the best implementation services, migration services, support services, cloud solutions and consolidated ERP like Business Central for your business.

How Bitscape facilitates your D365 Business Central journey?

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Microsoft Solutions Partner

Dynamics 365 is an important part of our armour, which ensures, our teams understand the solutions inside-out. Result – you get the best hands in business!

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Thorough Assessments

D365 tools like Business Central are customizable. We ensure minute understanding of your processes & needs, which translates to highly tailored solutions.

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Ongoing Support

After the initial integration of a product, our teams stay in touch with you, providing on-demand as well as requisite support and queries/issues redressal.

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User Oriented

Our solutions and certified consultants all ensure that the actual integration is easy to use, well understood by the users and gives great value on costs, efforts & more.

Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Streamline your business processes with D365 Business Central. With Bitscape experts, who will guide you, after integrating the software with your system – you can use Business Central Home Screen and Dashboards with relative ease. This helps you give personalized services to your clients and manage data from multiple locations. Many other capabilities of Business Central by Microsoft Dynamics 365 include

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Agility & Adaptiveness

Can be deployed quickly, is highly customizable and can be scaled up/down, as required. Solutions can be extended with industry specific apps, and data can be securely transferred/ centralized.

Swift, Smart Solutions Blue Swift, Smart Solutions White

Swift, Smart Solutions

Automated workflows & processes, accessible data-driven intelligence, real-time dashboards & specific KPIs for various roles. Enhance productivity, simplify tasks & connect with Microsoft 365 apps.

Financial & Business Decision Making Blue Financial & Business Decision Making White

Financial & Business Decision Making

Many features for financial management. Take control of financial data, as you effectively manage periodic closings, reporting, cash flow, budgeting, project costing etc. Improve business planning.

Sales & Cash Management Blue Sales & Cash Management White

Sales & Cash Management

Track customer interactions & leads effectively, respond faster to queries, create flexi-pricing & discounted options, as you manage your stocks and increase cash flows. Track sales & customer interactions.

Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization Blue Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization White

Supply Chain & Inventory Optimization

Connect better & faster with your vendors, suppliers & other stakeholders. Accurately predict stock requirements etc. Get a bird’s eye view of your supply chain. Seamlessly tie storage, operations & shipping.

Service & Process Delivery Blue (1) Service & Process Delivery White

Service & Process Delivery

All details get streamlined and are registered & accessible from a centralized source. This helps you avoid misses, as you effectively live up to your service promises. As you reach out to your customers, well in time, customer loyalty is boosted.


Ans. Dynamics 365 Business Central is consolidated ERP platform or tool by Microsoft. It is great for small to medium sized operations, as it helps businesses tie their processes across multiple fields, including sales, services, inventory management, project, finances and operations. It is customizable to user needs, and can effectively store or transmit data across varied business systems. Bitscape D365 experts can help you tailor the app or extend the solutions, by helping you select, integrate or even develop industry-specific apps – so your unique requirements are met.

Yes, you can integrate it with other Microsoft solutions, including Microsoft 365 – which comes in very handy for helping your teams work faster and more effectively. You can swiftly link existing business data and intelligence with productivity tools like Excel, Outlook etc.

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