Microsoft technology solutions provider in 2022
Monday, 20 June 2022
Enterprise viewpoint graded Bitscape among the top 20 Microsoft technology solutions providers in 2022 in support of providing top-notch quality solutions in such cut-throat competition.  The enterprise viewpoint proclaims, that Bitscape provides unique solutions for virtually any customer and serve business of any size. Additionally, they assert that Bitscape is a dedicated Microsoft partner that can help customers navigate digital transformation, provide recurring solutions, and earn awards for increasing customer value. Bitscape is a prominent award-winning technology solutions and services provider partnered with Microsoft that provides organizations with best-in-class digital and cloud-enabling services, business intelligence, and solid infrastructure architecture. Client-friendly and technologically robust solutions have been produced by well-trained teams and highly experienced executives ----- Bitscape has developed a strong brand that people seek out when looking for Microsoft Technologies consulting services, which they attribute to their extensive industry knowledge and skilled employees. They also have an enviable reputation, as evidenced by their numerous 5-star ratings. The company intends to continue to build its brand and reputation, as well as hire a large number of highly skilled employees. They also anticipate winning a slew of accolades in the future.   About Having 52000+ subscribers, is a platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and businesses to connect with each other and their audience. Their special edition of stories and entrepreneurs who are reshaping many industries with relevant solutions and services are featured in this publication, which is available in both print and digital formats. The magazine also covers the most recent industry trends, in-depth analysis, expert guidance, and business how-to’s from industry leaders who have done it before. Moreover, this magazine is published in 73 countries with more than 130 entrepreneurs interviewed all around the globe.  
Top Software Development companies by Techreviewer
Monday, 14 February 2022
Techreviewer is excited to announce that Bitscape has made its way onto the list of Top Software Development Companies in USA in 2022. Techreviewer is impressed with Bitscape’s services that are offered and the fine and knowledgeable team they employ to do those services. Not only do they offer exceptional services at affordable rates, but they also have unbelievable customer reviews.   Bitscape has been able to build an outstanding brand that consumers look for when looking for Software development services which they accredit to their vast knowledge of the field and their expert workers. They also have an astonishing reputation accredited to their many glowing 5-star reviews. The company plans to continue to grow their brand and their reputation and get many more highly skilled workers on their force, they also expect to be winning a slew of awards in the future for their company.   About Techreviewer Techreviewer is a research and analysis company that focuses primarily on IT companies that offer services in technical support, development, system integration, AI, Big Data, or business analysis. They spend countless tedious hours scavenging for the best companies in each market based on the ranking criteria that are listed above, and with that they compile a list of the top performers. This list is meant to help consumers to find reliable companies that provide excellent services for their customers. This way consumers never have to search for hours to find a company to do work for them, then fear that they won't be competent enough to do the job and leave consumers ripped off.
Top Software Development Companies In Los Angeles For 2022 By Expertise
Monday, 03 January 2022
Bitscape is proud to announce that it has got listed in the Top Software Development Companies in Los Angeles by    Why trust the verdict of Expertise?    With 1 million monthly visitors seeking quality support for a better operational experience, gives an easy find out of top authentic professionals across the major cities of the United States.    The track record of empowering over 10 million companies with a revenue generation of $200M to date defines its competency to rate the top software development companies.    Eligibility criteria in the Selection Procedure of    Reputation of the company  Qualification in regards to licensing, accreditations, and awards  Experience and tenurity of the enterprise  Customers and client engagement  Degree of professionalism and value to customers    How does Bitscape make its way in the list?    A company with more than 500 business clients, Bitscape helped customers to connect with excellent IT experts, software resources, and customized solutions for more than 2 decades. A US-based multi-level company that holds a broad bandwidth of technology consulting, app development, automation, and project management services for small scale to top-notch companies to attain a digitally transformative operational goal on the verge of Industry 4.0.    Our software solution deliveries are Document Management System, Intranet In A Box, Room Reservation System, Timesheet, HRIS, Artwork System, Employee Experience Solution, and many more. These exceptional solutions have helped countless clients and customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Tourism, Hospitality, and  Education achieve their business niche.    A tailor-made approach to deliver these solutions has made Bitscape a proud Gold Partner of Microsoft with millions of happy customers.    With high-end technologies like PowerApp, Power BI, Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Azure, and many more, it has given secured and compliant support to online and offline industries at diverse marketplaces.    These phenomenal services have driven to list Bitscape in 10% premium software development bodies among 200 plus other competitors across Loss Angeles.   
Adani Casestudy Thumb
Friday, 29 January 2021
Bitscape today announced it has earned the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization, a validation of a solution partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience, and expertise in migrating Windows Server and SQL Server-based workloads to Azure. Only partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their migration practices, can earn the Windows Server Migration and SQL Server Migration to Azure advanced specialization. As companies look to modernize their applications and take full advantage of the benefits that cloud computing can deliver, and with the recent end-of-support for Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2, they are looking for a partner with advanced skills to assess, plan, and migrate their existing workloads to the cloud. “Bitscape is focused on helping customers into their digital transformation journey. And having achieved advanced specializations signifies Bitscape’s deep knowledge & expertise in Microsoft Azure Migration and Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Post Covid-19, Microsoft cloud is the choice for businesses of all sizes, and having advanced specialization along with our experience and expertise around security, compliance, migration, data analytics, data platform, and cloud platform adds in-depth value to customer scenarios to make them successful,” - said Kartik Shah, CEO Bitscape. “We have strengthened our commitment to support our customers with our expertise around all 3 clouds of Microsoft in the area of Modern workplace, security, Data & AI, Apps & Infra, and business applications.” Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner (OCP) at Microsoft Corp. added, “The Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to migrating Windows-based workloads over to Azure. Bitscape demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to offer clients a path to successful migration so that they can start enjoying the benefits of being in the cloud.” About Bitscape  Bitscape is a Microsoft technology-focused boutique digital transformation consulting, project services, managed services, and apps development company. It is headquartered in California US while the locally operating countries include Canada and India. Bitscape takes pride in the difference it is making to its customer needs with its technology expertise including the advanced specialization in Azure Migration offerings. Bitscape is also a CSP Direct Partner of Microsoft. Media contactGreg K.Manager of Communications: info@bitscape.comPhone (USA) : 1-844-294-5383 (Canada) : 1-289-290-4490(India) : +91-7069043269
Monday, 23 September 2019
Reaching out to all ITPros here, it’s the time of the year again for Microsoft Ignite 2019 at Orlando Florida, all set to kick off on November 4th, stretching for a 5 days span through November 8th. Bitscape, recently selected as one of the Microsoft Preferred M365 Business Apps partners, is a regular attendee at the event and has been promoting Microsoft technologies since years and helping clients across the globe to get the most out of MS Apps and features. This year, at booth no 1703, Bitscape, being a multiyear Microsoft recognized Worldwide Partner, we will be there to talk about the numerous latest technologies as well as the updates that were shared and put up at Microsoft recently. As a Gold Certified Partner, and one of the most prominent Microsoft products and services focused partner, we look forward to meeting you all and discuss how we can help you with your technology journey. If nothing at all, please stop by and say hi to us and we will be glad to take it forward from there.   With more than 1000 sessions and 200+ hands on experiences being shared at the MS Ignite this year, at Bitscape, our team would be taking you through the recent updates by Microsoft, referring to MS Teams, Kaizala, Microsoft Azure, MS SharePoint, Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, Power Automate and Microsoft Development based technology solutions. Keeping abreast with the latest at Microsoft, we shall also be happy to guide you regarding which technology or update would work the best for your organization structure and which apps from Microsoft can be integrated to bring out optimum results for your workplace.   For updates on SharePoint and MS Teams, our team has been consulting numerous clients for integration of these applications to make workspaces a hassle free environment. With total package solutions regarding all Microsoft applications and hands on experience in specifically working for workspace integration, our team at booth no 1703 would be also talking about the use of PowerApps and Microsoft Power BI which have aligned work structures and brought about radical changes incorporate work set ups.   This time at MS Ignite, we are sure that our team, with the latest updates and an attitude to serve as much as we can, would be happy to learn about your journey with Microsoft technologies, non-Microsoft technologies and beyond.
Charter Member And Preferred Partner For M365 Business Applications
Tuesday, 13 August 2019
With additions to the list of services and products that Microsoft brings every year, there is also an addition to their list of preferred partners with their Microsoft 365 Business Applications Partner programs. These partners expand the customer base for their client through multi-pronged efforts by not only helping the clientele pertain to their common and miscellaneous business process requirements but at the same time encourage the adoption of the newly launched Microsoft platforms and services such as MS Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps, PowerBI, MS Flow and many others. These partners spread across the globe, possess a substantial amount of experience and expertise when it comes to utilizing these applications and integrating them in innovative applications to meet the requirements of their varied clientele and at the same time educating their customers about the ever dynamic applications, products, and services that Microsoft offers. It was a proud moment for Bitscape to be announced as an addition to the list of Charter Members of the Microsoft 365 Business Applications Partnership Program. The announcement, however, does not come as easily as it might sound. After fulfilling the numerous requirements put forth, Bitscape tops the chart as a partner and chartered member and also now holds the tag of “ Microsoft Preferred” as a designation. These are companies that have proven their mettle while delivering outstanding solutions to people, by far expanding the horizons of Microsoft to meet the daily business needs of clients small and huge alike. From the overwhelming response that the application process received and checking everything off from their list of criteria to become a partner, we are glad that Bitscape has been able to clear out with flying colors. Being among the selected few, Bitscape now has plans to upscale further and provide solutions to their existing and new clientele in ways that can be more innovative, educative, and informative. Bitscape has been since long a trusted Microsoft Partner and a regular attendee at the Microsoft events such as MS Inspire and that is where we are keen on building networks worldwide and gather hands-on experience about the latest at Microsoft. Be it product launches, service updates, or anything else that is brewing up at Microsoft, being abreast with the latest events has always helped not only us but also our end customers to be able to bring up their numbers by benefitting from these services, apps and much more. For example, SharePoint and MS Teams being one of the niche areas of our service for a majority of our clientele, we make sure that none of our clients face any issues while using these MS products and services and also that an increasing number of clients are made aware of these services and how life can be better with these products and services. Now that Bitscape has made its way to the designation of “Microsoft Preferred”, we make sure that our standards of quality and services are ever-increasing and our clientele is always back to us in search of the best Microsoft solutions and services that can be used by them for enhancing their business and getting results only dreamt of earlier.