Banking & Finance, the industries that participate in social empowerment with funds & support in shaping the future. In the approach of future building, digital transformation plays an active role. To expand the market reach of any banking & financing business, technology helps with virtual hands through which businesses can connect & collaborate across the world.

“More than 70% of BFSI industry professionals believe that creating digital capabilities and modernizing legacy systems are top technology concerns for the industry & with the presence of such technologies, the industry can cross countless in-store payments globally.”

Advance your BFSI business model with our technological solutions & expand your presence


Finance & Banking are arguably the most data-intensive sectors in the world. Seamless communication, unmatched security, and superior customer experience are the competitive forces in these industries. Moreover, risk management has always been the prime concern for every professional in this sector.


Owing to the market condition, financial services providers are seeking advanced solutions for business continuity, digital transformation, and managing long-term risk. This is where Bitscape comes in with our unparalleled experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions.


Our goal is to ultimately ensure end consumer’s satisfaction while simplifying the processes of our clients simultaneously. Our solutions will help you re-imagine the BFSI sector like never before and guide you in your transformation journey.


Banking & Finance

Our team has developed technology solutions & designed services that deliver best-in-class business advancement experience.

Challenges for the Industry

Banks and financial service providers are operating on traditional systems and are under constant evaluation due to rising operational costs. At Bitscape, we understand the significance of risk management for such enterprises and offer sophisticated solutions to overcome these challenges. We will help you take an agile approach for continuously evolving risk processes by utilizing cutting-edge tools at our disposal. Our solutions can help you designing an omnichannel strategy with tools like operational analytics, sales analytics, customer consumption insights, financial analytics, & much more.

The rise of real-time payments (RTP) is set to revolutionize the banking sector as we know it. Driven by the industry's compliance standards, RTP is a boon for final customers as it enables a frictionless banking experience with minimal halts. Besides personalized service, RTP can help customer segmentation for better relationships and growth opportunities. Our advanced solutions will help you reduce time to market by accelerating new product development, ultimately ensuring customer satisfaction and retention. In RTP, our solutions can add process flow customization, dependency reduction, operational automation, multi-platform integrity, multi- licensing integrity, user management, policy compliance & so on.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we, Bitscape, provide solutions using advanced technology tools that fight against financial crime and lower compliance costs. By leveraging the high-end technologies at our disposal, we will help you stay vigilant against financial crimes and malpractices. Protect your institution or enterprise by utilizing the power of data, swift identification, and reporting of malicious activities to the relevant authorities. With our intelligent security services, you can perform identity & access management, threat protection, information protection, device & app Management tasks with advanced compliance.

Empower your employees by fostering collaboration and teamwork in a highly advanced working environment. Our solutions will dramatically improve your organization's internal communications by facilitating secure and industry-compliant employee collaboration. Ensure seamless remote work and uninterrupted connectivity with the help of our state-of-the-art tools like sales order apps, crisis FAQ bot, alert systems, crisis communication apps, chatbots & so on. Witness unmatched levels of increasing employee productivity that will ultimately lead to superior client satisfaction and retention.

Today’s customers are highly informed and demand a more personalized experience, particularly when it comes to the BFSI industry. At Bitscape, our top priority is to ensure exceptional customer experiences that accelerate growth and boost loyalty by forming deeper and more meaningful relationships. By relying on high-quality and intelligent customer data, we will help you attain holistic customer knowledge and manage relationships across multiple channels. To personalize your business operations, we provide various tools like sales order management, marketing campaign scheduler, onboarding-offboarding apps, travel request management, emergency response apps, & much more. Now you can identify critical patterns and make real-time recommendations for the most suitable action for any given situation.

Banking and Finance Industry Solutions & Services

With the solutions of Bitscape technologies, BFSI industries can grow faster with smart expectations delivering experiences & achieve organizational growth with intelligent solutions.