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Products/Solutions: SharePoint Online | Microsoft Power BI | MS Flow | Graph API | SQL SSRS | Power Platform Solution Summary: Essentra PLC digitally transforms multiple operations and gains critical insights thanks to Power BI, Flow, Graph API, and Microsoft software as a service cloud. Essentra is a leading global provider of essential components and solutions with four global divisions: Components, Packaging, Filters, and Specialist Components. Every day Essentra produces and distributes millions of small but essential components and their international network extends to 33 countries and includes 45 principal manufacturing facilities, 30 sales and distribution operations, and 4 research & development centers. With more than 5000+ Office 365 users on the Microsoft Cloud platform it partnered with Bitscape to work and leverage the platform to help them implement strategic transformation for various operations and insights needed by their strategic business units. With the help of the power platform and Microsoft O365 platform, Bitscape created multiple transformational solutions for them which included the Capex Approval system, commercial system, Power BI Dashboard for Mattec System (3rd Party Manufacturing Execution system), compliance, risk mitigation, and specific to business processes systems. Challenge Data maintained and used in MS excel and it was not manageable. No tracking of approvals. Do not get the live status of the Request i.e. Capex, Invoice Status, Payment Status, production reports. Lack of tracking for the approver's comments as well as status. No insights to Management for the overall status of production of materials Lack of tracking for the Action owners and their comments as well as status. Solution Strategy: Live tracking of Capex status as well as their approvers status and comments. Dashboards for Admin/Approver/Requestor. Power BI reports for admin. PDF conversion of Approved CAPEX Live tracking of Commercial request (CAPEX to Invoice realized) status as well as their approvers status and comments. Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. PDF conversion of Approved request (Capex / PO / Invoice) Results: The transformation helped Essentra to manage key actions from meetings, projects, incidents, audits, and monitor quality control. It provided real-time visibility and status for every action within the organization or the strategic business unit along with critical insights reports for production.  
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Products/Solutions: SharePoint Online |MS Flow | Graph API |Power APP |AZURE API Azure Web Service: SAP to SharePoint document transport |Azure DataLake |Azure Web Job Solution Summary Adani Australia digitally transforms internal operations, business processes, and the workplace to be more agile to meet challenging business asks thanks to Microsoft PowerPlatform and Office 365. Adani Australia is a multi-dimensional energy and infrastructure company, dedicated to delivering energy solutions for an advancing world. It owns and operates Abbot Point Terminal which has been exporting Queensland coal responsibly for more than 30 years. Adani Renewables Australia’s first solar farm Rugby Run near Moranbah will supply 65MW of renewable power in phase 1, with the capacity to expand up to 170MW. The Carmichael Project is a 27.5mtpa coal mine and 200km rail line. Bitscape and Adani Australia, developed, designed, and implemented Office 365 and PowerPlatfrom an empowered commercial system and insights system to overcome this problem and help them meet business accountability and transparency at every level for internal operations. Challenge: With business and processes getting stiff requirements of transparency and processes including their business dealing with different vendors, service providers, other companies, being tracked at every level in semi-automated excel and email-based processes creates clear issues of accountability, agility, and fast decision making their business needs today. The processes in use had multiple challenges that included no tracking for approvals, C-level approval complexity, no view of commercial processes such as invoices, payments, contracts tracking. Solution Strategy Functionality involved Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. Email notification at each level i.e. Approver, Requestor, HOD Attachment of supporting documents. Mobile base Approval System for CEO/CIO level user Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. The automated workflow in each module. Insight Reporting for C-level users with Power BI Dashboards. Results The transformation helped Adani Australia to manage key and insights for operational efficiency. Some of the results as under Live tracking of Commercial request (PR to SES realized) status as well as their approvers status and comments. Role-based Dashboards i.e. Admin/ Approver/Requestor. Power BI reports for Management/ CEO/ CIO. PDF conversion of Approved request (PR /NFA /Invoice /SES) Document Management of Approved Request (Knowledge Management) C level reporting generated on dashboards using Power BI        
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Bitscape is Microsoft Gold Competency Partner for Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, and Content and Collaboration. Bitscape’s customer-centric approach ensures organizations do more with their technology investments by improving user experience and productivity. We help customers achieve more in the digital transformation of their organizations of all sizes. Products/Solutions: SharePoint Online |Power BI |Microsoft Flow |PowerApps |Dynamics AX Integration |ADFS / SSO Solution Summary: Customer is one of the largest cement manufacturers in the country with more than 6.75 million tons of annual production capacity and close to 1500 shop floor and first-line worker collaboration. Customer aims to become number 1 player in the cement manufacturing brand in the country by using technology help them digitally transform the efficiency of the operation and which can result into narrowing the gap of hardly 2% in market share from number 1 player. Contract Labor Management System and Ticket Management System solution envisioned on top of SharePoint online were already existing corporate collaboration was happening. Challenge: Collecting data from multiple systems including legacy contract management solutions, other shift data, and production data from Dynamics AX ERP and ensuring all labor law, compliances and benefits are effectively monitored and rendered. Creating the fully functional regulatory-driven, safety, statutory rates, medical records, contract management, shift management, workmen configuration, overtime, department mapping, work order, bulk update attendance and fully integrated ticket management system for operational efficiency means highly efficient, no or less custom code-based Solution Strategy: Working with functional group heads to map the processes and identifying data modeling needed from various data sources to run process workflow on SharePoint Online and create a seamless experience to achieve a single source of truth available on the preferred platform of SharePoint online. The solution delivered responsive with completable to mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad or tablets and other regular form factor and delivered integrated ticketing system for contract labor management which included Manage Contractor, Work order Management, Labor Management, Card Management, Attendance Management, Shift Management, Wages Management, Compliance Management, Master data manipulation, Administration, Field Customization, Contractor collaboration, Leave Management Results: The solution delivered ensured a 360-degree view and compliance-driven automation of manual processes and directly linked with production data ensured not only better productivity but also better employee satisfaction for a transparent process for work and rewards.    
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Bitscape is Microsoft Gold Competency Partner for Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform, Data Analytics, and Content and Collaboration. Bitscape’s customer-centric approach ensures organizations do more with their technology investments by improving user experience and productivity. We help customers achieve more in the digital transformation of their organizations of all sizes. Products/Solutions: SharePoint Online | Power BI | Microsoft Flow Solution Summary: Customer is one of the largest media entertainment companies in the world with stringent internal corporate compliance and regional data classification compliances. Migration of SharePoint 2010 two farms in two different continent datacenters supporting collaboration on SharePoint based business workflow and application across multiple subsidiaries and 23000+ users migrated to SharePoint online for seamless collaboration and active integration with newly acquired large corporation easily. Solution usage Bitscape’s proprietary farm analysis PowerShell scripts and content portability guide on SPO, OneDrive Online, and Teams channel. Challenge: The complexity of understanding use across various organization and what is important and not, with data classification and business unit approvals for 4000+ Subsites, 300+ site collection and 500+ personal sites having 1500+ active web features, 130+ SPD List workflow, 315+ InfoPath forms, 105+ Nintex workflow, 105 Kwizcom forms and custom code was cumbersome task. Meeting business objective of removing most of the third-party components and custom code without affecting business current need and processes were challenging in few infopath forms and Nintex workflow cases where Flow was used to meet similar if not exact business process automation. Solution Strategy: The solution strategy was to identify and help businesses take a decision on lift and shift and most active sites and processes on SPO first and then prioritize various complexity based on Bitscape’s migration suggestion and reporting provided by various proprietary Power Shell scripts. The current state assessment with recommendation and data visibility summary provided by Bitscape team worked as decision making on the priority of data to reside were for business user groups i..e personal sites to OneDrive online, most of the processes on the SharePoint and key collaboration into teams. Results: The migration helped customers move 23000+ active users to SPO for collaboration across subsidiaries and even further helped them integrate with new large media businesses they acquired during the process. The modern new workplace further empowered employee efficiency and active collaboration across the organization using Azure B2B in some cases which were not possible in previous on-premise data center-based SharePoint 2010. The entire project before Bitscape engagement internally is estimated to be 3 years timeline, completed in 8 months. “When we estimated the migration, we were not sure on timeline and complexity due to multiple geography-based teams involved, as we worked along with Bitscape’s SharePoint Migration Framework, we not only achieved this in record time but also able to integrate faster to newly acquired companies in two different continents” – Director, Enterprise Business Systems.
Disaster Recovery As A Services Deployment For Manufacturing & Retail Business
Client: Under NDA Industry:Retail & ManufacturingDeployment Country: India Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Solution Type: DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) Company Size: 250-1000 employees Client's Business Concern and Challenges The manufacturing and retail business magnate experienced the unexpected in 2021 when a ransomware attack caused their business-critical servers/application and Database tier down, resulting in a complete business halt. In the wake of that event, Bitscape launched an enterprise-wide Disaster Recovery program. This multi-phase and cross-organizational effort include business protocols for C-level oversight in the event of a disaster, a business continuity program to ensure that all On-Premises offices have a plan for unexpected events, and an IT initiative for Disaster Recovery. IT's Disaster Recovery program leverages a combination of physical, virtual, and cloud technologies to ensure that the entire operations of its data centers can automatically failover to a geographically diverse location if needed. How Bitscape Performed  Bitscape began by setting guidelines for the maximum levels of downtime and data loss the business could tolerate in a worst-case scenario. The goal is zero downtime and no data loss. Still, understanding that it must plan for catastrophe, the client set their parameters for two standard industry protocols: Recovery Time Objective (RTO), which is the maximum tolerable length of time that an application or it supports. Bitscape's RegTech practice and its expertise around Microsoft Azure on top of Microsoft Trusted Cloud helped the customer pose its trust in our abilities and decide to host their mission-critical servers to design and test disaster recovery plan, including failover and failback, using the cloud for redundancy, and incurring no data loss. Today the Disaster Recovery solution provides automated failover from Azure's primary data center in South India to Azure's secondary data center in East Asia. Business processes have been put in place to empower the CIO to define a disaster and declare the move to failover. Protocols guide IT personnel through the escalation of events to notify and keep the CIO informed. Winning Solution Client Received Successfully executed failover and failback of the production system-controlled environment, exceeding Recovery Time Objective (RTO) goal. Implement storage replication technology to automate data replication in a failover, supporting and meeting goals for Recovery Point Objective Gain world-class stability and availability for core business processes, services, and supporting applications.  Bitscape's Expertise Partnering with Microsoft Technology To showcase how a digital transformation practice can help customers accelerate their digital transformation, Bitscape used the latest technology trends and used best-of-breed cloud software platforms to optimize their organizational business needs efficiently and effectively. Better collaboration and governance with best-in-class security for the productivity of employees. When RTO testing was conducted last year, IT was able to complete failover to production levels in well under the maximum goal and with no data loss. That same testing phase resulted in an RPO time well under the maximum parameter. Value Provided as Outcomes Disaster Recovery testing takes place in a staged environment that replicates production. "Today, we can't take the business down, so we simulate the production environment for our many custom applications," said Head IT. This includes Retail website portals, transaction APIs, partner portals, social cast, and Developer source code management applications.  
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Client: Under NDA Industry:Textile & Manufacturing Deployment Country: India Solution: Complex Used Product/Service: Microsoft Azure Solution Type: Highly Scalable Azure Infrastructure Company Size: 1000-2000 employees Client’s Business Concern and Challenges One of the largest Textile Manufacturing brands was facing issues in managing the Azure Infrastructure. It was becoming increasingly challenging for the company in a rapidly changing business, regulatory, and IT environment, but those challenges were compounded for them due to the distributed nature of their operations. Within the broader challenge, the company’s most significant pain point was the inability to scale the application tier on-demand and zero Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy. How Bitscape Performed  We focused on the key drivers across industries as defined by our own survey of various Azure Optimization engagements taken from clients both local and global in scale. The company originating from a manufacturing domain identified four of the most common business drivers that influenced Azure Highly Scalable and available projects using Azure load balancers, Azure Virtual Machine scale set, Azure Virtual machine Availability Set Azure Application Gateway. Winning Solution Client Received Implementing a highly scalable and available infrastructure helped the company achieve an uptime SLA of 99.95% and was one of the key priorities of CxO, which directly resulted in meeting the expected three priority areas, i.e., Highly Scalable Highly Available redundant Application tier. Bitscape’s Expertise Partnering with Microsoft Technology Bitscape’s Cloud Adoption Framework practice and proven success ratio, we proposed a comprehensive, highly scalable solution architecture that involves a fully elastic and on-demand scaling in an automated fashion. Scalability and High-Availability their primary concern; we proposed core Azure Services like Azure load balancers, Azure Virtual Machine scale set, Azure Virtual machine Availability Set, Azure Application Gateway, which helped them achieve their business-critical SLA requirement and active-active scalable infrastructure for their application tier. Value Provided as Outcomes Scalability and High Availability are in demand for many organizations at a fast pace due to new technology developments, digital transformation, and threats.  We encouraged customers to review their current Azure environment and consider the current and future requirements of a digitally enabled business, thus taking a more considered and holistic view of developments.  We helped them implement an effective strategy to transform their application infrastructure platform into an asset that helped provide for redundancy and availability, fulfilling future business demands.