Power BI Dashboard & Reports - HR Analytics

Power BI Dashboard & Reports - Product Revenue Analytics

Out of Office is a simple and small application to quickly know if employee is or will be out of office due to some purpose. It could be any purpose like on leave, going for client meeting or attending training etc. This application can be used by browser and available to Mobile PowerApps application. Bitscape will help you to implement and integrate the business processes with latest technologies like Power Platform which consist of Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate. As Power Platform builds low-code solutions and uses out-of-the-box connectors which can directly connect with the system which minimize the development and implementation time and efforts.

Mutual Fund Dashboard is designed to enhance clients Investment and Assets Under Management (AUM) with paid interest. It is to analyze effectiveness with a large number of branches that carrying out clients having different types of investments and transactions based on time. It helps the stock traders to track investment and client’s overall details by getting the right metrics anytime, anywhere. A mutual fund allows you to discover why your customers and their investments are dropping in some areas. The dashboards can help you filter out data at multiple levels. For example, one can see the client’s performance by investment time, fund strategy to increase clients by city and/or branch.

Use case demo of Pharma workflow and DCS (Document Control System). Bitscape Vault can extend to all systems including Microsoft teams based collaboration for end users.

This built on Microsoft Kaizala but will be ported to Teams, this solution provides full task tracking automation for C level users and also uses Microsoft Flow and bots services. further more the same solution can be delivered using PowerApps if the EC customer is already on Office 365 or Microsoft platform using AD authentication. Kaizala is useful if the decision makers are not part of AD but still they need governance and reporting. Power BI, Flow are integral part of solution.