Implement your serving practices through smart technology for superior performance, project optimization & cost visibility to accomplish the target on time with client satisfaction. Service providers can entitle their client’s industry with additional expertise availability, performance advancement & virtual presence.

“A proven global report says, Professional Services appears to be approaching a tipping point, as disruptive technologies drive fundamental changes in the industry’s economics. Technological breakthroughs are contributing to shifts in the economics of Professional Services. As the industry's digitalization accelerates, the sector could be on the cusp of a transformation.”

Reinforce your clients with automation & deliver your service with the best IT Infrastructure Professional Solutions & Services


For professional service providers, their employees are the only product & binding them up with high-tech resources can help the organization in computing the client requirements with ease. To meet the promptly shifting client’s requirements & high expectations such professionals need to stay updated & equipped with all technologies. In the service industry, efficient human, as well as technological resource utilization, is critical. To stay profitable accurate estimates of your projects and services, meeting project deadlines, goals, and surety of deliverables talking client needs and expectations into consideration is a must.

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Supplement your team performance with acute operations management & our exclusive technology

Challenges for the Industry

Adopt technological support from Bitscape that invents solutions combining Microsoft technologies for your operational tasks. The solutions help you in keeping an eye on your team performance with confidential information security. The IT management services enable to build of the best out of all cloud-based systems, software, and applications which allows easy synchronization between both organizations’ servers while being extremely secure at its core. A group of people collaborating around such technology where everything happens synchronously without any need (security issues) or other interruption. In order not only has no data leaked, but it also saves user experience. With it, you can search for application insights, create an application insight resource, add data for review & report creation, perform instance overview & so on.

Perform right resource allocation & tasks management with Bitscape solutions that encrypt authenticated Microsoft technologies. Such tech support allows you to admit the resources at the time of the proposal so that you can stay confident about the resource availability throughout the project. The technology interface enables the team alike quick access to your smart-resources from their office or workplace while being ready when need to create a performance presentation or task report using digital artistry in real-time. This feature helps you increase compliance and reduce risks. You can create & design a workflow through customizable sales order management apps, onboarding & offboarding resource management tools, instant response creator, automated allocation management tools & so on.

In quickly estimating the project cost from previous projects that had similar requirements, qualifications, timeframes, and headcount; Bitscape solutions can help with analytical reports. The solutions are designed with the combination of Microsoft AI & ML technologies. These will provide a detailed analysis of how different components; resources & teams work together to achieve the expected outcome of the project with specific insight or feedback about the inputs during project estimation. You can perform sales activity analysis, marketing campaign analysis, operational management, performance analysis, financial reporting & so on. Then it generates an estimated cost report for various parts of the project based upon the inputs but also gathers alternative assumptions regarding future service needs which may come up later when designing the systems.

To support your project tracking, Bitscape solutions has the capability to track initial sales visits to final invoice, estimate all costs, deadline, and resource allocation to identify the profitability of your project with future project guidance. The solution fetches data from the project file, accurately manage labour, inventory, and required third-party services, utilize maximum objectives & ensures profitability. Our advanced analysis system makes it possible for you to monitor every aspect within an enterprise application as well managing everything (application development, product formulation) so that everyone is involved in the project's journey through a fast-moving industry. In addition, we handle user management which allows any team member to work together effectively so long they do not mind their own time while having complete control over each resource but equally prioritize the tasks with no conflicts. Due to this, the working environment allows multiple users' involvement without losing trust resulting down until employee’s failure.

IT Solutions & Consulting for Professional Service providers

Deliver your services with secured & dynamic operational management systems with Fully Managed technology Solutions for Professional Service providers by Bitscape. Our leading expertise is in the field of Business Intelligence, Digitalization, System administration, Network Management, Infrastructure Design, and Virtualization - We take all aspects into account for technology development using our team of experienced employees or Microsoft partners to achieve top-notch customer service.