The sector that fights against the pandemic, globalization, budget cutbacks, community breaches, & many more challenges but still increases citizen expectations is government & public sector. Since COVID-19 has appeared, all governments prioritize supporting their citizen for vaccination, economic support & relief, grant distribution solution, vaccination records, PPE supply, and other priority areas where Bitscape has multiple solutions to help Government customers provide quick assistance to citizens.

“Nearly 50% of the world’s government officials have identified IT innovations as a solution to their governance problems, 23% of public servants believe they need more robust security measures to safeguard their critical data and 10% of policymakers & lawmakers think that using digital technologies is the primary way to improve transparency and accountability in our existing governance scenario.”

Arm your administration with digital presence & influence society by all your efforts positively


The Government & Public Sector are two critical areas that are in serious need of a radical transformation. The government sector is always under scrutiny for mismanagement of resources and disregarding transparency and accountability. Citizens are now expecting more transparency from their governments and better access to information. Moreover, in many countries, government officials are often engaged in malpractices and corruption.


To overcome all these situations technology in government plays a vital role. Bitscape accelerates the workflow of the government agencies by availing cutting edge tech-solutions to deliver better citizen services and government benefits. All government agencies can manage data through digital innovations and transform the process with our present technology for the government. Even in advanced nations, the threat of data breach is imminent, as governments now hold a gargantuan amount of personal data of their citizens. Digital transformation and a complete overhaul of our existing systems could be the answer that world governments are looking for, and we, Bitscape, can help them with that. By leveraging our years of experience, we want to provide innovative solutions to governments and the public sector to perform well with government contracts and serve their citizens in a better way.


With international experience & Microsoft technologies, we have developed expertise in delivering Public Sector IT Services and Solutions that can advance the traditional administration system through smart technologies.

Challenges & its Solutions for the industry

Vast amounts of data that should be public record are lost or damaged beyond repair due to unforeseen events. Governments now understand they need to move their data to the cloud to improve security and prevent unpredictable data losses. In the governance of data security on the cloud, we provide managed cloud services, cloud enablement, cloud infrastructure, cloud migration & implementation. Moreover, this data is inaccessible to the general public. Using Microsoft based solutions, Bitscape will help governments to keep this data secure while improving accessibility at the same time. We will also ensure that this information is shared with all levels of governance, including local governing bodies, thus making it more inclusive.

Lack of adequate communication and collaboration among different government agencies has long been a cause for concern. Many critical decisions are often delayed due to miscommunication, which results in delayed progress and substandard governance. Bitscape will help bridge the gap between different agencies by boosting collaboration and creating an environment of data sharing. We will use data analytics like operational analytics, fund performance monitoring, financial reporting & much more to provide actionable services while ensuring compliance.

Government officials often complain about the lack of appropriate resources and how it hinders their ability to serve. Our goal is to provide cutting edge solutions that will help your teams & departments to connect with colleagues and file reports from the field. Our solutions will provide them access to real-time information to serve and protect the public. With our workplace modernization services, you get better connectivity, secure data transfer, reliable tech-sources, service relevancy & much more. We will enable them to collaborate efficiently and act as a unified force to develop strategies, without sacrificing security.

Government operations are usually run-on outdated systems and work on obsolete applications, particularly in underdeveloped and developing nations. Our mission to assist governments in their efforts to modernize their current systems while minimizing costs. We will offer a broad selection of tools and technologies to develop mission-critical apps and provide high-quality services to citizens in a unique, hybrid environment. The solutions will allow you to deliver results through added functionality, the adaption of users, a high level of customizations, and much more.

After putting so much effort, government departments have always had a poor reputation for being inefficient and unproductive. This issue is aggravated even further due to bureaucratic hurdles and complications. Bitscape will deliver flexible, integrated, and trusted productivity solutions to assist you on your digital transformation journey. We will leverage sophisticated technologies including AI, ML, blockchain, data analytics, and IoT to refine your processes, minimize costs and enhance your operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting the citizens in the process.

Government & Public Sector Services & Solution

An increase in collaboration, transparency, accountability, and efficiency is the need of the hour. We, Bitscape, help you adhere to the regulatory compliance standards while maximizing productivity and ensuring data safety. Connect with us to know more.