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Microsoft Teams

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With chat system overtaking the work atmosphere, many companies are coming up with a well-integrated system for work that includes a platform for online chat. With Microsoft Teams, you get a system for Office 365 that incorporates the use of workplace that is chat-based for ease inflow of work and increase in pace. It is a hub that is dedicated to providing the team a workspace that consists of every requirement in a single place which includes content, chat, tools, people, and live interaction.

With a complete renewal of work culture, organizations have been able to employ twice the number of people before the advent of new features in organizations. With incomplete data accumulation, it takes the organization longer to execute any work which results in bad quality with zero scope for innovative results. Bitscape brings you a complete solution for group collaboration in an organization that helps your company and its employees address the requirements and work style for each group.

With Microsoft Teams as a part of your organizational component, you get features like:

  • Email and work scheduling
  • Create a new teams from an existing teams
  • Delegate like a boss
  • Consult before transferring a call
  • Call someone on a HoloLens 
  • Send a message from the command box
  • Send a chat from a contact card
  • Auto-favorite important channels
  • Dial out of (or into) a group call
  • Preview and edit Visio files
  • Get a reminder that your team is expiring 
  • Sharing, finding, and creation of content
  • Meetings and on-call work discussions
  • Live Chat
  • Connections established across the company
  • Employees get the feasibility to switch from one task to another with the help of cross-application system
  • Discover new content by interacting with employees from various departments
  • Control the outflow of data with accurate security system

Microsoft Teams brings to you well-organized communication system which includes certain attributes like:

  • Establish communication between teams comprising of few or large count of members.
  • Create groups within the team classified in accordance with work which include security group, the advertising group, email aliases and so on.
  • Channel curation that covers work-related topics with notifications enabled for new content and information.
  • You can create a team comprising of around 600 members.
  • Introduction of productive chat with thread-based conversations.
  • Option to like as well as save messages for future.
  • Split panel for conversation along with file review.
  • Specific mentions to particular team members for proper distribution of work.
  • A hint of fun and expression with memes, stickers, GIFs as well as emojis. 

Why choose Bitscape for your Microsoft Teams related requirements?

  • Bitscape is a team of technical experts that help in the proper implementation of work culture via the Microsoft Teams platform.
  • You get an easy platform for file sharing along with group conversations modified into online meetings.
  • Glitch-free audio-video meeting with multiple employees.
  • Screen-sharing option that helps you defines work in a proper manner to fellow colleagues and seniors.
  • All the interactions with our team can be initiated 24x7 with help provided from initiation of the project till its completion.
  • We are a proud team of passionate techies that believe in timely completion of work with high accuracy as well as great quality.
  • Our prices are affordable as per the competitive market.

With team Bitscape, you get to manage your workflow along with management of tasks, projects and relevant content that comes with the seamless experience of rich team collaboration.