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Microsoft Cloud Architect & Planning

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With organizations moving towards the world of cloud computing, the architectural structure and planning for the same require input from the company as well. Microsoft has developed an efficient system to manage, build and deploy the application via a global network of organizational data centers which is known as Azure.

This comprehensive services provided by Azure comprises of DevOps, Integrated tools as well as a marketplace to help your organization build anything starting from a basic mobile app to solutions for internet marketing.

Azure is a productive platform for developers to help you get your company applications at a faster pace to the market. It supports your productivity while you can build it in a customized pattern with the use of tools as well as technologies that are of an open-source type. Azure is highly appreciated by companies for the support it provides to a variety of OS, frameworks, programming language, devices as well as databases.

With Azure for Microsoft Cloud Architect and planning, you get features such as:

  • Rapid availability of computing environments that are large in nature
  • De-allocation for unwanted system in a rapid manner
  • Easy employment of systems that are considered traditionally complex which include load balancers
  • Flexibility in compute capacity as per requirement
  • Computing environments that are cost-effective
  • Universal access via programmatic automation/ web portal
  • Complete control of the software as well as hardware deployed for the company infrastructure
  • Numerous services which include computer services, data services, application services and network services

Services provided by Azure:

  • Azure provides services for both Windows as well as Linux which include App services, Cloud services, Batch, Service Fabric, RemoteApp as well as Azure Container Service.
  • The data services provided under Azure constitute of Queue, Blob, Azure Files Services, Table, DocumentDB, Azure SQL Database, Redis Cache, and StorSimple.
  • Building and operation of company applications via applications like Azure AD, HDInsight, Azure Media Services and so on.
  • Network-based services via ExpressRoute, Azure DNS, Virtual Networks, Azure Traffic Manager as well as Azure Content Delivery Network.
  • Manage owner access along with everything included in a classic version of deployment model.
  • Assign the role of the reader to allow content visibility without affecting content by removing chances for modification.
  • Manage SQL database with the management of security protocols for the same.
  • Create customized roles for the organization for smooth operation while giving it a proper structure. 
  • Create Azure portal to manage easily any resources being deployed into Azure.

Why choose Bitscape for Microsoft Cloud Architect and Planning services?

  • With the help of IoT, our experts get you services that initiate and facilitate the monitoring and analysis of data acquired from sensors or various other devices.
  • CDN and media services which include encoding, indexing, media playback and on-demand streaming option.
  • With the application of Azure in cloud computing, the management as well as the security of organization increases greatly which immediate response to security threats.
  • Our technicians work in a dedicated manner to ensure you get your work on time with minimal to zero chances of error.
  • Effective communication and affordable prices are what makes us stand out from our competitors.