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Case Management Solution

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Case Management Solution that combines the best customer relationship management (CRM) software with purpose-built functionality to deliver complete case management.

Enterprises are under constant pressure to improve their case management and alert investigation practices to address Shrinking budgets, rising costs, challenging workloads, inefficiencies, improve service quality, mitigate risks, comply with regulatory mandates and increased accountability are the new realities for the public sector.

To meet these demands, many government organisations are improving access to services through intuitive web portals, as well as intelligent contact centre and issue management solutions. Maintaining multiple point solutions for varied lines of business creates unrelated networks and data storage tower, apart from driving up the cost.

To handle these challenges, enterprises are on the lookout for an effective case management offering that can provide a combined view, and better insight and control while remaining agile in an uncertain business environment.

Microsoft solutions for case management enable digital communications with citizens, along with internal communications, to be easily organised, stored, and tracked. This improves visibility of services, enabling agencies to more readily meet the specific needs of community groups.

Bitscape offers:

  • Case Management System addresses the needs of tomorrow’s enterprises to improve operational efficiency, and increase productivity.
  • Visibility in the user servicing and investigation process.
  • Provides a full view of all interactions and activities of the Case in a tabular form at your finger tips.
  • Record information relating to the key Parties of the Case e.g. the Complainant and Respondent.
  • Capture details of the matter. Dates of the incident, the source, the issue(s) and incident description.
  • Record Activities. i.e. phone calls, emails, conciliations.
  • Tracks Case Status and duration of the case being opened.
  • Case Assignment to Case Officer, Investigators, or Assessors.
    Provide a full view of all interaction of the Case in a tabular form.