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Product Development Service

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Bitscape is global technology consulting company and Solution Development Company which improves software product delivery through its PLM and ALM services backed up by CMMi practices. From feasibility study to business need analysis to recommendations of development of product including but not limited to Agile, scrum, CMMi or SDLC Water fall method, we consult all and suggest best practices approach for the product solution for organizations to achieve organizational product lifecycle management goal.

PLM is the process to manage the entire lifecycle of a product from planning, analysis, through design and development, to service and disposal. PLM comprise of people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for enterprise.

PLM systems help organizations managingthe complexity and engineering challenges of developing new products. PLM describes the engineering approach of a product development, which is in organized manner from managing the properties of a product through its development and useful lifecycle; whereas, PLCM refers to the commercial management of life of a product in the business market with respect to costs and sales measures.

Product Lifecycle Management plays animportant role for any organization's information technology structure. Most of the organization need a collaborative platform where all team members can communicate with each other and simultaneously work on same resources in real time for productivity, communicate and exchange information with their customers (CRM-customer relationship management), their suppliers (SCM-supply chain management), manage their resources within the enterprise (ERP-enterprise resource planning) and their product planning and development (PLM).

Benefits of PLM process:

  • Accurate and timely request for quote generation.
  • Identify potential sales opportunities and revenue contributions.
  • Reduced prototyping costs.
  • Improved product quality.
  • A framework for product optimization.
  • Reduced time to market.
  • Savings through the complete integration of engineering workflows.
  • Savings through the re-use of original data.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Documentation that can assist in proving compliance .
  • Ability to provide contract manufacturers with access to a centralized product record.

We focus on critical processes improvement visibility and manageability, leading directly to increased quality, reliability and ultimately predictability over the entire software delivery process. 

Bitscape PLM services are perfect blend of business management practices to software engineering processes.