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Citizenship Services Solutions

E-Gram Panchayat Software Developed by Bitscape, is a project with the prime expectation to revolutionize property tax collection. It is a simple menu driven software and is an essential software module for the functionality of Gram Panchayat. It helps to generate and print different sort of documents such as Tax Collection Bills and Receipts,  Property evaluation Certificates, Issue of Licenses, Vouchers, Registers, Duplicates, Voter’s List etc. for Gram Panchayat. 

The software increases the efficiency of the gram Panchayat by auto generating the property tax bills based on the property evaluation done. The software helps to track the unpaid bills with periodic reminders and various demand notices for the tax payer. The advantage of the software is it is effective and fast which saves time which results in to the increase the income of Gram Panchayat.