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In the language of business “Dashboard “comes under the purview of Management Information Systems (MIS) and can be defined as “A single page /screen real time graphical representation of Key performance indicators (KPIs) of the enterprise.

Dashboards primarily consolidate and systematically arrange information such as performance scorecards, key metrics on a single page/screen which can be read easily with a single glance. Dashboards are very important from the perspective of business intelligence (BI) since they help the management to take key decisions impacting the future of business in a more defined, precise and swift manner.

Bitscape Infotech has gained expertise and experience in providing “Custom Built BI Dashboards” to the organizations to suit their business requirements. Bitscape has been a certified Microsoft GOLD partner which one of the most preferred vendors for providing BI Dashboards.

Bitscape Infotech has a team of highly skilled professionals who are expert in identifying key IT issues faced by the organization and propose suitable solutions so as to help enterprises achieve their business goals.

We would be happy to share an anecdote of one of our client through this platform. One of our clients was running an existing system which was developed in Visual Studio 2008 (ASP.NET) and SQL Server 2005 and wanted to revamp the existing application with rich, attractive and user-friendly interface along with new branding to create an enriching User Experience UX for it’s users.

Hence we offered the client a  redesigning solution with all important and vital functionalities such as, a content-rich visually attractive website, Re-Organize media and text to make it eye catching, Stock management with Product requisition, Task Management with escalation facility and reports, Issue management and status tracking, Displays events on the home page as per the predefined logic, Purchase order with reorder limit features, Central document library which  allowed the users to pull and pop documents as and when they need.

Functionalities included in the application: -

Employee Management:
Manage employees by add/edit/delete/view and list functions, Manage Department by add/edit/delete/view and list functions, Manage designation by add/edit/delete/view and list functions, Manage branch by add/edit/delete/view and list functions, Employee can manage alerts for different kind of events, Employee can manage and track couriers.

User: Manage user’s login credentials like username, password by the administrator, Login, Logout, Change Password, Edit Profiles, Manage form & user level security by the administrator.

Product: Manage product to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list products, Mange product type to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list product type, Manage product Category to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list product category, Manage vendor to facilitate add/edit/delete/view and list Vendors.

Stock/Inventory: Asset Register has stock in effect, Asset Transfer to the branch.

Requisition: Product requisition form, My Requisition list can check the status or progress of his own request; Authorized user can see the list of the request and process manually and track the status.

Issue Note: Issue note entry form to generate against the requisition, Issue note cannot be generated if stock not exists.

Purchase Order: Place order using entry form, Reorder product entry form, Authorized user can see a list of the purchase order and track the status, When a stock goes beyond the reorder limit, then purchase order will be generated automatically by the system.

Document Library: Document upload entry form allows the user to upload their documents to a central library, Document listing form from where the user can download the documents, Authorized user can delete the documents from the library.

Task Management: Create task entry form to add a new task and assign to some employee, Update task form to edit task created by user, My task list, Task verification form to verify the task is completed or not, Task reports displays the task with status, effort, and other details.

Issue Management: Post Issue form to add new issue, Received list all the issues were received from other employees, sent list all the issues which sent to other employees, Issue filter help out to find the issue you are looking for, Team issue list all the issues related to your team, Department view list all the issues related to own department, Statistics displays the issues status, Manage issue type by add/edit/delete/view and list features, Manage process type by add/edit/delete/view and list features.

Reports: Feedback report, Issue Report, Logger, Task report for Management, Requisition list for management, Requisition report, Stock Report, Product vendor detail, Courier report.

Collaboration: News, Blog, Suggestion, Feedback.

Bitscape through this engagement helped it’s client in streamlining it’s various business functions. Get in touch with us or simply drop an email and we would be more than happy to help you with your challenges.