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Business Operation Management Solutions

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Bitscape being an IT consulting company helps organisations develop robust web based application, software products and solutions. Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within .net, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies hence we at Bitscape delivered plenty of Business Operation Management Solutions and products as per the need of our client.

We would be more than happy to share some standard basic approach and solution we proposed to our clients. E.g. one of our clients was looking for Business Operation Management Solutions where the software system should be capable of maintaining the computerized information regarding Receiving of the raw materials, Raw material, By products and Finished Products Relation Information, Manufacturing phases information, Inventory and Stock Management during every phase of the manufacturing, Sales of the Raw Material, By products as well as Finished Product to the customer.

At Bitscape we think for any growing business; automation of the business processes is the basic required measures now a day. The reports and documents generated using the automated processes acts as supplements for the critical decision making at any level. Hence we proposed an agile solution based on the requirements specification, requirements are divided into some of the modules that have to be developed in order to achieve the stated tasks.

The required systems/modules could be as follows.

Business Operation Management Solutions; As the computerized system should be capable of:

  • Maintaining the information and status of the every phases of the manufacture of the finished goods starting from raw material.
  • This information maintenance activity is carried on because client has to sale every item whether it is unfinished (raw material), in process items and finished goods to the customer.
  • In the automated phase(s) information management module, computerized system, depending on the information provided by the client user, is well capable of tracking the status of the every phases of the manufacture of the finished goods. This module helps the client for the taking decision regarding the sale of the finished as well as unfinished goods since information system provides the data regarding the status of completion of the phases in the manufacturing process, if the data is input the computer software in predefined manner.

Sales/Purchase Module (Raw Material to Finished Goods): Client’s business is composed of purchase of raw material, manufacturing of finished product and selling of every by product items in the manufacturing process.

  • In a computerized software system, client can keep track of company’s sales information at every phase of the manufacturing process in an efficient manner. Different types of sales reports to support the decision regarding the sales process can be provided. System should be capable of keep tracking of the sales at the every phase of the manufacturing process.
  • To maintain the Contacts details with the bifurcation of their category like customer, Vendors, Suppliers with the information of their dealing with materials and items etc.
  • Maintaining the Business Material Consumption for Stock-Inventory related details.
  • Generating Purchase requisition.
  • Following Purchase Order related process i.e. from putting enquiry to getting invoice. .
  • Following the Sale related process i.e. from getting enquiry to submitting invoice to the customers.
  • Generation of detailed and summary reports for Purchase-sales transactions.
  • Day-to-day stock statements and all master related reports.
  • Maintaining system access security.

Inventory Accounting & Stock Management: Company’s Inventory and Stock Management Process keeps track of the information of the raw material in use as well as accumulated. This process of the system helps management to take decision regarding the purchase of the raw material. This also helps in accountability of the material in stock and material in use as well.

The inventory and stock management module includes the processes like:

  • Raw Material and Product Inward/Outward.
  • Raw Material/Product Accountability.
  • Inventory and Stock Information at every phase of the Manufacturing process.
  • Internal as well as external Issue and rejection of the Raw Material/Product.
  • Automated Inventory and Stock Management Process helps in synchronizing and managing the material requests and response processes within the enterprise. Reports generated by this process helps in taking the decision regarding the ordering of the material from the supplier on a rational basis.

Module for Management of Accounts Receivable & Payable: Client purchases from the suppliers as well as sales the raw material, by product and finished product to the customer. There is a need of maintaining of the payments made to the supplier and payments to be collected from the customer.

The accounts receivable and payable module should be capable of maintaining processes like:

  • Payment to the supplier as accounts payable.
  • Billing to the customer and payment collection from the customer as accounts receivable.
  • Tracing of due payments to either supplier or from the customer.
  • Using the computer software client is capable of keep tracking of the payment to be made to the supplier and payments to be received from the customer. The computerized maintenance of the such business process makes the accounting process very fast efficient, since calculating and tracking of accounts receivable and payable information manually is very tedious and cumbersome job to do because it is the result of mathematical analysis and calculation of the multiple documents like bills and receipts.

Raw Material, By Products and Finished Products Relation: Since company sale raw material, byproducts generated during the manufacturing process and manufactured products, the relation information between raw material, byproducts and finished products must be maintained like.

  • Mixing of so and so raw material gives so and so by products qualitatively or quantitatively.
  • Same process with the mixing of byproducts and raw material gives final products.
  • Materials Relation Information maintenance using computer software helps in keeping track of information of the production of the byproducts and finished products out of the raw material. The relative information like raw material mixing gives byproduct and product helps in perfecting the process of calculation of amount of raw materials.

Bitscape helped business in their business endeavours by supporting with agile and detailed business processes solutions. Get in touch with our business analysts for consulting on any software development need.

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