Bring Value, Exceed Expectations and Strengthen Customer Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. Let Automation and Artificial Intelligence Tie, Tailor and Transform your Marketing Endeavors!

Marketing is integral to business. In today’s day and age, same stands true for digital integration. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing brings the best of both worlds, through an intelligent set of business applications driven to consolidate, streamline and automate diverse marketing efforts, relationships, and returns. It is a part of the umbrella services by Microsoft Dynamics 365, a suite of AI-backed cloud-based software solutions, encompassing various organizational functions and departments.


The Marketing component of Dynamics 365 unifies marketing activities and customer touchpoints, helping organizations extract higher value from their marketing endeavors. It centralizes and stores customer information via various touchpoints, and helps businesses/ individuals find, gather, and develop leads through personalized customer journeys, via multiple channels, like email, the web, social media, online events, text messaging etc. A sound integration and implementation of these brilliant automation tools can improve sales, develop effective marketing messages/ campaigns, enlarge customer base, and automate marketing operations. 

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Bitscape, as a Microsoft partner for 2+ decades, has experience and expertise in delivering quality Microsoft solutions to companies in many countries, including India, Canada, UK, Ireland, United States of America etc. Bitscape’s expert professionals can help you install, integrate and customize this full-features marketing solution with research and training backed Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services. Tailor your journey with us for B2B or B2C marketing. You can reach us here to find out more today.


Reimagine the innovative way of elevating your business growth with Dynamics 365 Marketing solutions leveraging the power of migration, support, and implementation services at Bitscape. Empower your workflow and embrace technology everywhere with Bitscape Dynamics 365 marketing services offered by seasoned experts and professionals.


Copilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing


Integrate Copilot into your D365 Marketing platforms and add an AI-powered virtual assistant to support vendors in quickly creating and executing marketing campaigns. Give your customers a personalized marketing experience with Copilot. 

Benefits of Marketing suite from Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer Delight White
Customer Delight

Target, engage in real-time, and create meaningful client experiences; prioritize and nurture your leads, as you reach out to the right people at the right time via the right channel!

Unify Processes White
Unify Processes

Make more sense and ensure higher returns from disparate marketing pursuits and data, as it all gets consolidated at a single, cloud-based platform that connects and streamlines everything.

Data Smart White
Data Smart

Measure the impact of your campaigns, track lead behavior, and get real-time, concise insights about the effectiveness of every endeavor to make the most of every effort.

Personalized Automation White
Personalized Automation

Customize your suite of tools. Make AI-backed automation work for higher effectiveness engagement and collaboration. Created tailored content for targeted audiences.

Choose Bitscape as your Dynamics 365 Marketing Management & Solutions Partner

Bitscape is a certified Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) and a partner of the prestigious Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP). Our developers undergo mandatory training and score certifications to ensure in Microsoft solutions, including Dynamics 365, to ensure they stay updated and on-point in their expertise.

Proven Results In Implementation, Integration And Solutions For Dynamics 365 Suite Blue Proven Results In Implementation, Integration And Solutions For Dynamics 365 Suite White

Proven Results in implementation, integration and solutions for Dynamics 365 suite

22+ Years Of Experience And Expertise In Delivering End To End Microsoft Solutions Blue 22+ Years Of Experience And Expertise In Delivering End To End Microsoft Solutions White

22+ years of experience and expertise in delivering end-to-end Microsoft solutions.

Versatility From Having Worked With Diverse Businesses With Varying Requirements Blue Versatility From Having Worked With Diverse Businesses With Varying Requirements White

Versatility from having worked with diverse businesses with varying requirements.

Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To Blue Client First Policy That Ensures Your Specific Needs Are Always Catered To White

Client-First Policy that ensures your specific needs are always catered to.

Personnel Power In The Form Of Dedicated, Certified And Expert Teams For Dynamics 365 Blue Personnel Power In The Form Of Dedicated, Certified And Expert Teams For Dynamics 365 White

Personnel Power in the form of dedicated, certified and expert teams for Dynamics 365.

Multi Cultural, Multi Time Zone And Round The Clock Support And Maintenance Blue Multi Cultural, Multi Time Zone And Round The Clock Support And Maintenance White

Multi-cultural, multi-time-zone and round-the-clock support and maintenance.

Our Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Services

Partnering with the right D365 Marketing Consultant makes all the difference! Choose Bitscape as your Microsoft Dynamics Partner to get a competitive edge and great ROI. We offer end-to-end Dynamics 365 Marketing Consulting Solutions, offering key features and capabilities of this brilliant CRM Marketing Software. The services include -


Dynamics 365 Customization

D365 is designed as a complete suite to cater to general marketing needs. Let our consultants analyse and understand your business and vision, so together we pick, choose and tailor the package that optimizes costs and works best for your needs.


Dynamics 365 Integration 

Seamless, secure and smooth integration of D365 application suite into your corporate infrastructure. This includes integrating data sources as well as other systems and apps, across functions and departments.


Dynamics 365 Support 

Our teams hand-hold your personnel on their journey of learning, exploring and using D365 Marketing applications. Consistent support and maintenance are cornerstones of our services.


Dynamics 365 Upgrades 

Stay ahead by staying updated, as our teams assist you milk the most of amazing updates and features introduced by Microsoft on a regular basis. Save costs and resources, automate the right processes with tailored add-ons.


Dynamics 365 Implementation

Adept and empathetic hand-holding as you and your organization adopts, adapts and acquires a customized bouquet of AI-driven, cloud-based Dynamics 365 Marketing functionalities to enhance customer experience.


Dynamics 365 Migration

We hear you! Move your current systems or CRM to D365 Marketing CRM suite or simply tie in the processes for enhanced outputs. Bitscape personnel are geared to help you migrate, move and do everything as you take this transformative journey.

Features of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Control your Digital Marketing strategy from a single, centralized platform and integrate effectively with diverse aspects of your enterprise with Dynamics 365 for Marketing. D365 marketing CRM platform designs, customizes, tracks and executes campaigns, optimizing and automating the marketing process to improve the ratio of customer leads and increase customer engagement. 

Real Time Marketing Blue Real Time Marketing White

Real Time Marketing

Your marketing campaigns deliver more than ever, and what’s more – you manage, measure and calibrate them in real-time. The array of marketing solutions like analytics, dashboards, lead tracking, AI backed ready templates let you create personalized and seamless buyer experiences.

Event Planning And Management Blue Event Planning And Management White

Event Planning and Management

Arrange, run or follow up on digital events like live sessions and webinars with Dynamics 365 Events Management capability. Stay on point right from planning and budgeting to registrations, promotions, analytics, lead generation and more.

Lead Nurturing Blue Lead Nurturing White

Lead Nurturing

Microsoft Marketing automation applications are truly remarkable as they track every single lead, helping you map their interactions across channels. Prioritize potential prospects. Nurture your audience before, during and after a campaign or event.

Campaign Planning Blue Campaign Planning White

Campaign Planning/ Multi Channel Campaigns

Engage your prospects like never before via multi-channel campaigns – with features like Dynamics CRM Email Marketing, Power BI Dashboards, content templates, Teams events and other AI-backed solutions.

Customer Journeys Blue Customer Journeys White

Customer Journeys

Create customized trigger-based or segment-based client journeys to nurture your prospects and leads. Artificial Intelligence and natural language inputs allow you to build/carry out customized solutions so you reach clients at right time, right place via right channels.

Data Centralization Blue Data Centralization White

Data Centralization

Get more from your business intelligence as you tie together disparate marketing insights and data sources across channels and departments, and get real-time data and analytics on marketing campaigns, events and more.


The cost for Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation depends on a variety of factors and components. Besides the requisite licenses from Microsoft, which come at a stipulated monthly cost, in bundled or individual tool/service pricing and vary basis the team sizes, the organizations need to analyse and plan their implementation goals and requirements to understand the overall Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing. This lets them elicit the extent and nature of services they seek from a Microsoft Dynamics Partner or Consulting service like Bitscape. This may include services like Dynamics 365 development, consulting, integration, migration, maintenance, upgrading etc. Please contact our experts via to know the detailed pricing options for D365 marketing for your business.  

The pricing and licensing options offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 are flexible and customizable. This lets you pick and decide which features your business needs. You will need to buy a license for only those tools and applications. This helps organizations optimize costs and get tailored platforms suited for their specific chain of operations. The licensing needs are taken care of by the Dynamics Marketing Consultant, your organization partners with. These are often kept transparent, so you clearly know what you are getting and how much are you paying for. The costs for these licenses are available of Microsoft channels.

You can customize the functionalities of Dynamics 365 Marketing in a variety of ways. 3rd party tools of a wide range can be used to expand the capabilities of this suite. This includes Linkedin Pages. You can connect the Marketing software to Linkedin Pages so as to follow up directly with generated leads there.

Yes, you can do it all from planning to managing Digital events with Dynamics 365 Events Management capability. D365 for marketing by Microsoft is equipped to help you seamlessly plan, organize and execute events digitally. You can handle digital events through Microsoft Teams. You can begin by creating an Event Record in the Events section in and go ahead, using easy-to-follow instructions and interfaces. You can even create a fully functioning events website to automate all steps, right from self-service registrations to notifications and publishing vital information.

D365 marketing automates Business by integrating AI technologies with marketing campaigns for lucrative outcomes. It helps increase leads with the help of email templates and other social media marketing. Following are some of the key things you can do to extract more from your marketing initiatives with Microsoft d365 Mktg –
• Target Tailored Marketing Content
• Design and Execute Marketing Campaigns
• Get Real-time insights and data
• Dynamic, Real-Time Customer Segmentation
• Email Marketing
• Carry out personalized customer journeys via various touchpoints and channels
• Content support and templates
• Manage Digital Events
• Manage your Social Media channels

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