Don’t just survive; set out to thrive with dynamics 365 migration for better transformation and revolution.    

Dynamics 365 migration services offer assistance in modernizing on-premises solutions, delivering the potential to migrate your system to the Cloud. By using dynamics 365 migration services, the organization gets access to cutting-edge technology, control cost, reduce complexity, and improve overall IT productivity. D365 migration services help accelerate your on-premises to Cloud migration journey and minimize the risk of data loss and data security.  

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Dynamics 365 Migration Process

Evaluate White

Evaluate the data migration intent by defining the scope of the data. Ensure to identify all the data sources before data migration. 

Plan White

Define the strategy before data migration and map tasks depending on the data complexity and structure of the source. 

Extract White

Define the Data Extraction from various data sources and ensure all the data are of high quality adding a new system to it. 

Clean White

Cleaning is an ongoing process that works along with other steps and helps to clean the data before loading it in Dynamics 365. 

Load White

This is the stage where we move the data into migration 365, which requires a lot of planning to minimize the impact on the users. 

Verify White

Validation is used to extract and ensure all requisite data is accounted for. It helps to provide relevant data loads successfully. 

Bitscape Cloud Services


Cloud Enablement

Enhance security with cloud enablement. By switching to Cloud, get ready to scale up the operations and cater to all market requirements.



Managed Cloud Services

Design beautiful Cloud managed services using Microsoft tools and technologies. Bitscape, a Microsoft gold partner, helps businesses to add customized solutions.



Cloud Infrastructure 

Choose an excellent Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration expert team to help you find the right cloud infrastructure solutions for your business.



Cloud Consult & Advisory

Get technical counseling from the Bitscape team related to cloud services and add a significant impact on your businesses.



Cloud Migration & Implementation

We are specialized in Cloud migration and implementation. We help in refining your business process by delivering value to your customers.

Why Move to Dynamics 365 in the Cloud?

Drive business success by unlocking revenue streams, collaboration, and nurturing customer relationships among the team by moving your on-premises to cloud migration. Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration experts to fulfill your unique needs.

Improve Security Blue Improve Security White

Improve Security

On-premises CRM solutions are highly vulnerable. Therefore, Dynamics 365 is here to offer excellent security for all users. 

Enable Flexibility And Scalability Blue Enable Flexibility And Scalability White

Enable Flexibility and Scalability

There is a considerable reduction in overhead after the on-premises to cloud migration so that users can tackle other priority projects.

Business Adaptability Blue Business Adaptability White

Business Adaptability

On-premises systems are difficult to scale with a growing team. Therefore, cloud migration can add powerful pre-built business apps from Microsoft.

Increased Productivity Blue Increased Productivity White

Increased Productivity

If your team is stuck with an outdated process, it costs you time and effort. At the same time, cloud migration comes with seamless integration and enhanced collaboration to improve productivity.

Excellent Empowerment Blue Excellent Empowerment White

Excellent Empowerment

Use no-code and low-code apps, in-built AI, and a user-friendly interface to create interactive applications or solutions for your clients.


Customers working on-premises can streamline and expedite their migration to the Cloud with the help of the Dynamics 365 migration program. One can work directly with Microsoft advisers and specialized migration partners and use the end-to-end service. Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration partner to prepare for your big move.

One can check the record count and then move to visual inspection. They can compare targets and sources. Look into functional testing of critical scenarios and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to get accurate data.

Dynamics 365 Finance + Operations can be used (on-premises). The system requirements, hardware dimensions, and functionality vary from cloud deployment when you choose an on-premises deployment method.

When one feels the on-premises cost is high, missing integration, waiting for upgrades, or wants to empower your team, it’s time to move to dynamic 365 migration. As dynamic 365 online comes with higher efficiencies and adds strong holdouts.

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