As an active business, easily avail and maintain adaptable AI chatbots at your customer's service.

To create an intelligent chatbot without having coding expertise for your customers, many service providers are available in the market, but data security is the biggest concern nowadays. To overcome your security issues, Microsoft has designed Power Virtual Agents with high-end security surety. 


Bitscape's team of certified consultants will assist you in choosing the right bot for your business after analysing the industry and your customer's most frequent queries. Our team will curate the data and enable a conversationally secure engagement channel between customers and your employees. With quick support capabilities, your customers will get solutions to their queries quickly, and your team's internal issues will also be resolved automatically.

Power Virtual Agent

Advantages of our Power Virtual Agent Service:

  • Get virtual chatbots onboard and free-up staff’s focus to concentrate on complex requests and high-value interactions.
  • Easily avail your own virtual agents 24x7.
  • Empower your teams with the presence of virtual agents to act against customer’s submitted data or queries.
  • Monitor and continuously upgrade chatbot through AI/ML and data-driven insights on your easy-to-access dashboard.
  • Multi-platform integrations for real-time presence.
  • Superior cognitive features for levelling customer engagement up.
  • Accuracy surety while responding to complex customer queries.


Copilot in Power Virtual Agents


The future is here. Add Copilot, a new generative AI, to your power virtual agents and build a topic from scratch. The topic can add trigger phrases, messages, questions, logic, and variables. Add a copilot feature with us, as bot building has become simpler. 

Power Virtual Agent Solutions & Services

Bitscape's Power Virtual Agent consulting team will gather your requirements and customer's expectation before designing the bot or communicative channel to boost your providing's outcome. With an intelligent and structured architecture for your business, you can empower your approach for customer satisfaction. Connect with our expert consultants to get an idea of how to leverage the power virtual agent service's capabilities.