Transform your organization's data into an interactive dashboard. Use the analytic and database management services consultation by turning your data into comprehensive and flexible Power BI dashboards. Our power BI Consulting services team helps the organization to drive innovation and empower decision-making for your business. 

Power BI Consulting offers assistance with customizing and implementing the Power BI platform. It helps to upgrade the existing power BI solution. With time, businesses can translate the raw data into accurate analytics insights adding rich visuals and compelling dashboards.  


Being the Microsoft Power BI partner, Bitscape has helped several organizations to improve and implement power BI solutions. Get timely delivery and quality analytics insights across the company. The power BI consultant helps to stay relevant to a company's changing analytics requirements. 

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Overcome the business challenges and get expert guidance from Power BI Consulting Team 


Using the Power BI Consulting services comes with comprehensive support to identify the gaps and opportunities through providing powerful insights. Power BI is a Microsoft tool that helps businesses offer a 360-degree viewpoint. The Bitscape consulting team helps drive innovations, empowers decision-making skills, and adds critical business insights. 


Power BI Consulting services support organizations to adopt and implement Microsoft BI technologies and customize the Power BI platform. It helps integrate data sources with maintaining data infrastructure and generating business value through data analytics. We have excellent power BI consultants with vast experience in the customization of Power BI for businesses that overcome any challenges to your business goals.  


Get Personalized dashboards with Power BI Consulting Technology 


Power BI offers fast and accurate decisions by providing end-to-end business solutions. Use a custom dashboard to strengthen a data-driven decision-making process easier. Power BI consulting services help collect, analyze, and visualize data through interactive reports, empowering businesses to boost profitability and uncover insights. Choose a global company like Bitscape and ensure your team can handle projects in major countries, including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, etc. 

Pillars of Power BI Solutions

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Data Model

The Power BI calculation language like DAX (Data Analytics Expression) can help return large datasets quickly. It is called the cornerstone of Power BI. The models can benefit from utilizing a multi-table design to reduce the file size with increasing performance.

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Power Query

It is an intuitive tool and data connector that lets you easily shape and transform your data. The data model comes with a low-code or no-code solution that extracts the data from a data source and later transforms and loads it into the data model.

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Power BI Desktop

Power BI comes with excellent AI data-driven visualization services. It helps users access a vibrant market of custom visuals. The reports generated by Power BI Desktop are highly interactive and intelligent. Explore the data-centric features with Power BI and make data gathering easier.

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Power BI Service

Power BI has an online platform to generate and publish reports and securely add datasets. Once the reports are published, it can be accessed on almost all devices within a web browser. Moreover, the published reports can get automated data refreshes with updated information.

Why choose Bitscape for Power BI Consulting services?

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Agile Methodology

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Flexible Engagement Models

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End-to-End Power BI Consulting Services

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No Time-zone Barriers

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Certified Power BI Developers

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100% Client Satisfaction

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Experience with Different Industries

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Advanced-Data Visualization Skills

Industries We Serve

Power BI comes with flexibility and a user-friendly interface. It can be used to scale regular employees for simple data reporting. At the same time, large-scale companies look for certified Microsoft Power BI partners to get maximum benefits for their business solutions. Here we have a few industries that have benefited from our Power BI consulting services.

Power BI Integrations

Deliver insights with simple and interactive visualization. Enable Power BI visualization from the power app portal to view dashboards and reports on webpages. Additionally, you can embed the dashboard and reports created in the new workspace by only enabling Power BI embedded service integration. A few of the Power BI integration are listed below:


Microsoft Power BI is a collection of applications, software services, and various connectors that combine and turn all unrelated data sources into an interactive insight. Power BI can quickly connect to data sources and share them with anyone.

It is a free application that users can install on their devices. Admins, data scientists, developers, and report designers can work with power BI desktop to produce reports and help businesses to understand your services quickly.

Power BI can help generate custom dashboards based on your required information. The Power BI Developers use the dashboard to create data models and reports, which are shared throughout the organization.

One can use the power BI consulting services to create and add a continuous update of your organization, improving the team's connectivity and productivity.

Hire a power BI consultant to develop and execute new data analysis policies with building new data models. The consultant helps make the decision easier and improves your business's data analytics.

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