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Harness creativity and achieve more together with Microsoft Viva consulting services that empower your employees to thrive with the right tools and support to be their best from anywhere.

Hybrid and work-from-anywhere is a new pathway to work in the new digital age. How employees work together today has changed, and Microsoft Viva is made for today’s workplace.


Microsoft Viva is developed and built to give your employees more flexibility, insights, and learning to do the best work in their way. With Viva solutions organizations can connect each person from backend to frontline and hybrid to CEO with the tools and information employees need to do their best at all-in-one place.


Embed the power of Viva solutions that equip your employees with insights, engagement, connection, and knowledge by establishing a culture that amplifies and energizes them to do more with less.


Unleash the limitless capabilities of Microsoft Viva with human-centric approach by Bitscape’s Viva consulting services. Leverage the service offerings to enable innovative workplace and orchestrate sustainable future focusing on superior business outcomes.


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Copilot in Microsoft Viva


Add a new way to boost your productivity with Copilot in Microsoft Viva. Create a more engaging and productive workforce by adding natural language tools. Now, prioritize employee engagement and share knowledge across different sources. 


Microsoft viva is employee experience platform that help employees to thrive, connect, and empower them to do their best to flourish and enhance companies’ goal focusing on employee’s well-being, learning, and sharing.


Microsoft Viva is developed and built aiming to provide holistic and innovative employee experience to the employees working remotely. Moreover, integration of Viva with Microsoft Teams and Outlook makes employees job seamless.


Employees can seamlessly share, connect, and communicate with co-workers with toggling different apps from anywhere, anytime.


Why Choose Bitscape for Microsoft Viva Consulting Services?


Bitscape with the assistance of their experts and professionals built the ground-breaking employee experience and well-being platform that binds each employee with companies’ mission.


We design and develop platform that enables employee’s well-being, knowledge sharing, learning, and communication with focus on organizations’ goal.


Organizations Recognize Bitscape as all Industry leading Consulting Service Provider for its:


  • 21 years of its Immense IT Consulting Experience.


  • 1600+ Project Delivery Practice.


  • Accredited with Azure MSP Expert Certification.


  • Served more than 700 Clients with Healthy Client Retention Rate.


  • 100+ years Combined Senior Team Consulting Experience.

Advantages of Viva Consulting Services from Bitscape

Expertise White

The experienced professionals of Bitscape have good-sounding skills and practice consulting services. With their profound expertise, the specialist will help organize and guide the right Microsoft Viva products.

Customization White

Businesses are on the hunt for applications that suit their business objective and requirements. With Bitscape’s customization services, the organization can align various Microsoft applications with Viva to help organizations achieve desired goals and needs.

Implementation Services White

Implementing any solution across the organization is a challenging task for consulting service providers. With Bitscape’s seasoned and extended service practices, the organization will experience the seamless implementation of Viva solutions.

Cost Effective White

Bitscape offers cost-effective Viva solutions that help organizations to optimize total returns on Microsoft Viva investments. Bitscape also provides a Viva solution that reduces overall costs and improves ROI.

Our Approaches

We designate data-informed and human-centric approaches to design and develop intuitive and agile Microsoft Viva Solutions. Our distinctive approaches will help your organization to differentiate and grow your business by designing data-enabled and client-focused Viva solutions. Our deep understanding of customer needs will aid organizations in identifying complex problems, acquiring untapped opportunities, and assist organizations in designing unique human-centric solutions.

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Planning and Strategy

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Development & Integration

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Ongoing Support

Microsoft Viva Elements

Hybrid work has become a new pathway for work in this modern age. However, it is challenging for enterprises to manage outcomes and employees' well-being when people regularly work inside and outside the office. Microsoft Viva is the primary employee experience platform built for the modern hybrid age that helps the organization address employee challenges, whether the employee is working hybrid or on-premises. Viva has the unique power and capabilities of AI and ML embedded in its element that helps organizations balance employee outcomes and well-being.

Viva Topics Blue Viva Topics White

Viva Engage

Viva engages uniquely designed to build meaningful relationships at the workplace by building employee communities and conversation. It connects people across the company communities through conversation, open sharing, and events. With Viva Engage, employees can build communities, get answers to their questions, and share unique stories and interests. Viva engages and reinforces the relationship among the people working hybrid, creating a hybrid culture of involvement.

Viva Connection Blue Viva Connection White

Viva Connection

Keep everyone engaged and informed with a modern employee experience platform designed to empower your employees to be productive and interactive. Keep your employees informed with personalized content like company news, events, and conversations of communities that your employees follow. Share ideas within teams, and discover SharePoint sites, employee benefits, and resources tailored for your employees.

Viva Learning Blue Viva Learning White

Viva Learning

With Viva learning, employees can make learning a natural part of daily life with a central hub of learning integrated with Microsoft teams. Employees can learn, read, and share a heap of content from virtual libraries integrated into Viva learning. Employees can access content from LinkedIn learning, Microsoft understands, and Microsoft 365 training to learn and upgrade themselves along with working.

Viva Topics Blue Viva Topics White

Viva Topics

Make your employees more productive and more intelligent and get the answer whenever your employee needs it. Finding information sometimes becomes tedious for employees with Microsoft Topics, and employees can spend less time searching and recreating things that already exist. With Viva topics, the organization can enhance productivity and make employees work smarter.

Consumer Insights Analysis Consumer Insights Analysis White

Viva Insights

Finding the element of Viva insights helps the organization identify opportunities to build better work habits using personalized insights. Viva insights in Microsoft Teams provided personalized insights into individual employees' workflow, kept employees connected, and began virtual commutes. Viva insights in Outlook help you prepare for upcoming meetings, maintain work relationships, plan your break, and balance work and life using personalized insights.

Set Goals And Kpis Set Goals And Kpis White

Viva Goals

Get connect your teams to companies' strategic priorities with Microsoft-powered Viva goals. It engages employees with purpose and empowers them to focus on the most critical organizational goals while providing regular visibility into the progress. Unite people around your business goal purpose and inspire them to make an optimum impact with Microsoft-powered Viva Goals.


Consulting companies or subject matter experts provide services to assist enterprises in implementing and maximizing the usage of Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform, known as Microsoft Viva Consulting Services.

Microsoft Preferred Consulting Companies, the companies that Microsoft has approved to offer services for its technology, are the ones who deliver Microsoft Viva Consulting Services.

All possible components of Microsoft Viva Consulting Services are assessment, planning, strategy, deployment, integration, customization, training, and ongoing support.

Microsoft Viva Consulting Services aims to help organizations achieve their goals and maximize the benefits of Microsoft Viva by leveraging the expertise and experience of the consultants.

The organization should contact the seasoned consulting service provider to leverage the benefits of Microsoft Viva consulting services. The constant will help organizations with right tools and solutions after identify the business need and customize the solution to fulfil business objective.

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