Harness the Power of Connections

Utilize the technology that accelerates your performance speed & keeps you connected with employees through Microsoft Teams. It enables effective remote working at a speed that keeps your business moving.

Today more than other technologies Teams is performing better. Microsoft availing Teams to all organizations. It is built to deliver intelligent collaboration by allowing access to telephony, video conferencing, messaging and ad hoc meetings. We together can put the power of Teams to work virtually. Microsoft's leadership in artificial intelligence will shape the digital future of ever-evolving industrial technologies.


In your entire journey, we help you in planning your operational agenda, strategies, and approaches with the Teams adoption. With our industrial knowledge, we help in migrating businesses from Slack, Zoom, Webex Calling, Google Chat, and much more to Microsoft Teams. And through such migration, you can manage your experiences, services, and processes. You get the power to create a personalized platform more quickly and easily using our professionals who will provide a connected workplace experience that can make your teams more effective. 

Cloud Consult & Advisory

For Teams Platform Development, Bitscape, a Microsoft Teams Partner's certified developers can help you plan your app, Build apps for Teams, Design your app, Use the Teams API to access data in Microsoft Graph, Publish your app, and much more. Our customization capabilities deliver services on Teams App Development, considering your business requirements and best industrial practices.


Exploring Microsoft Teams Premium


Recently, Microsoft has added additional features in Microsoft Teams to the free version. Microsoft Teams Premium is designed mainly for large organizations and enterprise users. A few features included are large meetings, increased security, meeting recordings demands, and compliance features. Collaborate effectively and access a wide range of third-party applications and integrations with Teams Premium. 


Meet your requirements with Microsoft Teams Premium capabilities that support users to focus on what matters the most. Additionally, GPT from OpenAI assist with meeting the translation and summarized it. Get an extra level of professionalism and the meeting right. Moreover, Microsoft Teams Premium keeps the confidential meeting confidential. Teams Premium comes with a virtual appointment to delight customers, measure results, and streamline management. At the same time, users can host webinars by offering seamless integration and customized experiences. Use Microsoft eCDN (Content Deliver Network) to prevent connectivity issues and securely live stream global meetings. Microsoft teams users can try the 30-day trial period and efficiently use its functionalities. 


A few of the Microsoft Teams Premium features cover: 


- Intelligent recap
- More optimal meeting notes and auto generated Tasks from notes
- AI-generated chapters
- Personalized timeline markers
- Speaker timeline markers
- Live translations
- and many more...


Copilot in Microsoft Teams


Copilot can now be integrated into all Microsoft 365 apps at no additional cost. Copilot for Teams gives a unique customer chat experience to support user compete milestones and make deliverables for individuals easily. 

Microsoft Teams Technology

Get the most out of your digitalization investments for your organization using Microsoft Teams Platform Development; Many of Bitscape's clients are making a move to Teams & succeeding with virtual operations, but if you still use old school technologies for Business, how do you decide if Teams is right for your Business? 

What are the top 6 things I can do with MS Teams

You, your groups, work-mates, friends, family or networks can meet, chat, collaborate or call via Microsoft Teams. It is a great group collaboration software. Its core promise is to create a digital workspace and it comes with Office 365 integration. Here are the top things you can do with Teams –

Real Time Marketing Blue Real Time Marketing White

Chat and Collaborate in Real-time, even as you or your team works remotely.

Access Your Data, Contacts And Your Teams Account Across Devices And OS Blue Access Your Data, Contacts And Your Teams Account Across Devices And OS White

Access your data, contacts and your Teams account across devices and OS

Document Control (1) Document Control White (1)

Store, Share and Edit Files within Teams

Easy Access Blue Easy Access White

Search and Access you information easily – all at one place.

Integrated Between Microsoft Outlook And Teams Blue Integrated Between Microsoft Outlook And Teams White

Stay integrated between Microsoft Outlook and Teams

Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration Blue Calls, Video Calling And Webinars And External Collaboration White

Calls, Video Calling and Webinars – and External Collaboration

Areas where MS Teams can facilitate communications

Work Smart Blue Work Smart White


Boost teamwork and collaboration across the board, as you smoothly share documents and more. Facilitates remote working, while keeping everything in one place.

Home Blue Home White


Chat, connect and commune together as you weave together your family, neighborhood, networks through shared assets.

Education Education White


Stay updated, deliver lectures, or attend classes in an organized way. Can be personalized for all stages of learning with built-in webinar tools.

Community Blue Community White


Let the boundaries of time and place melt, as you come together like never before – and foster your communities.

Business & Enterprise Blue Business & Enterprise White

Business & Enterprise

With features like ‘Together mode’ and ‘Dynamic View’ meetings get vastly better. Use built-in webinar tools to enhance your presentations.

Virtual Team Engagement & Productivity Increment Virtual Team Engagement & Productivity Increment White

Friend Groups

Share vacay pics or classified gossip, using Community feature. Stay connected across all your devices, and don’t miss the friendly banter for a minute!

Microsoft Teams for Industry

The business landscape has changed tremendously. Digital tools like Office 365, specifically MS Teams, have made it easier to create unified, more connected workspaces, even when the actual staff is scattered across the globe. At Bitscape, we facilitate this process and Office 365/ Teams integration for industries like -

With Map View WebPart you can show multiple locations of your business presence on the map. With marker on map in each location you can configure the image to display plus other metadata details like - Zone, Zone Head, HR, HR Head, Group Head. This is completely configurable with very little or no administration required. You can reuse his WebPart on SharePoint Online site or MS Teams.

Task Tracker Module is an add-on developed for Bitscape Vault. This module is intended to be used for tracking of activities and status of tasks. With Task Tracking Module you can - create new tasks Online at centralized and secured location, auto create repeating / recurring task quickly based on pre-defined rules, get timely alerts and reminders for upcoming task and deadlines, arrange / Search tasks by assigned, due date, etc, organize tasks into a flat list or familiar calendar layout, add comments and multiple attachments during submission or resubmission of each task, easy search and retrieval to Track task histories, with comments and attachments.

This application quickly enables salespeople with Products, Customers, Product Inventory, Product Price and Order information within Microsoft Teams using Teams Tab. A web application can be configured as Teams Tab and Salespeople can log the order details as well. Salespeople can use this application by browser and using Teams mobile application. Bitscape will help you to implement and integrate the business processes with latest technologies like Microsoft Teams. Organization can collaborate on Microsoft Teams instead of using different applications.

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