Reduce development time, increase productivity, improve customer service, and expand your business globally with Power Pages Consulting Services.

Microsoft Power Pages, a no-code or a low-code platform for creating custom websites or applications. Connecting to Microsoft Power Platform Consulting team helps users to create forms and pages without coding. Moreover, it enables users to create web-based applications for mobile and desktops easily. At Bitscape, we revolutionized your website building process by adding a new era of productivity with Copilot in Power Pages. The power of using natural language will help to simplify the task by building detailed forms in a matter of minutes. 


Microsoft Power Platform family added a new member named Power Pages that helps build websites and share business data stored in Microsoft Dataverse. It is generally used for building applications, generating reports, intelligent virtual agents, and analytics with various Microsoft Power Platform components.

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With Power pages, one can easily cut down the IT expense and create a complex computing app. Moreover, Microsoft Power Pages helps to speed up the process and supports fulfilling complex IT requirements. The product integrates with various development tools such as Visual studio code, GitHub, and Azure DevOps, as these integrations allow users to power and automate the development workflow with ease.


Copilot in Power Pages


Adding Copilot helps you build and launch your Power Pages business websites by writing documentation, preparing demonstrations, and summarizing emails using the natural language Copilot tool. Connect to add a Copilot feature to your platform. 

Bitscape Workflow for Power Pages Consulting

Assessment White

Our consulting team determines how many power pages you require to add to your project.

Design White

The team works with the designers and plan ahead to give the website an excellent look and feel.

Development White (1)

The developers build the power page solutions and incorporate the workflow, business logic, and organization's data.

Support White

Our team supports your ongoing project and addresses the issues that arise on the go.

Microsoft Power Pages Consulting Capabilities/Features

Microsoft Power Pages are designed to make the site look professional. It offers rich and customized templates for users to add designs based on their unique business needs. Here, we have listed a few Power Pages consulting features to get a clear idea about the platform.

Simplified Authoring Experience Blue Simplified Authoring Experience White

Simplified Authoring Experience

Design Studio Blue Design Studio White

Design Studio

Responsive Rendering Blue Responsive Rendering White

Responsive Rendering

Advanced Development Blue Advanced Development White

Advanced Development

Security And Governance Blue Security And Governance White

Security and Governance

Integration With Power Platform Blue Integration With Power Platform White

Integration with Power Platform

Microsoft Power Pages Consulting Services

Hire a Microsoft Power Pages consultant to build a robust interactive website fueled by every feature you want in your power platform suit. Choosing Microsoft Power pages consulting services from Bitscape help you create a website by adding impressive elements.

Visual Studio Code Blue Visual Studio Code White

Visual Studio Code

Users can use JavaScript, Liquid templates, and web APIs. Also, one can integrate with Azure DevOps and GitHub by following best practices around deployment.

Styling Hub Blue Styling Hub White

Styling Hub

For any web developer, it always matters how the website looks. Therefore, Power Pages is here to offer an excellent theme with attractive colors, elements, and fonts.

Learn Hub Blue Learn Hub White

Learn Hub

Microsoft has collated relevant data into a single hub to offer users technical knowledge. Use Learn Hub to learn directly from the Power platform.

Template Hub Blue Template Hub White

Template Hub

Power Pages comes with a pre-built template that targets various industries and functions. Using this, users can easily match up the company's requirements.

Data Hub Blue Data Hub White

Data Hub

Any user can store all the information that one requires in Dataverse integration. Create a model-driven application with Power pages and design data-driven web pages.

Security Model Blue Security Model White

Security Model

Power Pages has a strong security model to deliver components featuring web roles, page permission, authenticated users, and other table permission.

Industries We Serve

Bitscape has a wide range of industry offering that helps to serve unique business needs. Our Microsoft Power pages consulting service team has handled projects from India, US, and Canada so far. Our experienced consultants are here to provide the services you deserve.

Why choose Bitscape for Power Pages Consulting?

Get ready to build a low-code business website using the latest power pages platform. Microsoft Power Pages allows users to easily create, manage, and host new websites. It enables users to interact with the audience, partners, and other external users.


Power pages are a stand-alone product that helps companies to build business-centric web applications using low-code development tools. It is hosted as Azure app services and empowers administrators to manage security easily. With Power Pages, companies can highly build customization websites within a click of seconds.

Both Power Pages and Power Portals are used to build external sites. The Power pages are low to the no-code website builder and arrive with rich, ready-to-use templates. For Power Portal, one requires a basic understanding of code, while in Power Pages, there's no need to have technical knowledge as it comes with easy templates.

As Power pages are mostly built upon the power app portals functionality, it adds extra features to create engaging sites. Moreover, you get rich design capabilities and work across mobile, desktop, and preferred web browsers.

To be clear, Power Apps Portals and D365 Portals are referred to as Power Pages. One can use Power Pages design studio to edit sites created on Power Apps. Moreover, the tools like Power Platform CLI, Portals Management Apps, etc., will carry on their work on Power Pages.

Create power pages by rendering the view of the Dataverse table. Start with a Power Pages trial, create a template based on the project design, create a Dataverse table, and add a view and records. Now, page to the site and add role-based permission to access the table.

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