Business Intelligence – Sorted, Seamless and Served Diagrammatically. Make your data work for you! Stitch together, visualize, derive clear insights, and take data-driven decisions to put your business on an upward growth trajectory.

The roads ahead are dark and deep, and I have promises to keep – Whoa, here comes a crossroad! Which path shall you take?


Decisions, decisions, decisions… Running a successful business is akin to life. Choosing the right path makes all the difference. When you have data-backed insights – taking life and business decisions becomes easier. A data driven culture makes choices standardized, secure, reliable and scalable. Data – well, there certainly is no dearth of it all. What matters is how the massive data clusters, rather mountains, we produce are tied and analyzed meaningfully! The answer lies in Microsoft Power BI.  

Microsoft Power BI

BI stands for Business Intelligence. Power BI by Microsoft is a set of software technologies, services and tools that help enterprises leverage the power of their business intelligence – that’s in the form of datasets, reports, numbers and more. With its ability to convert complex information into powerful, visual insights, Power BI is geared to empower organizations to make better sense of key growth drivers like staff efficiencies, customer behavior, product life cycles, market trends, buying patterns etc. Businesses across the world, in countries like United States of America and Canada, have adopted Power BI to make their business intelligence work for them. Driven to radically transform your organizational culture for better - Power Business Intelligence lets users of all backgrounds, including non-technical ones, to seamlessly meld, analyze, understand, and share data. It is easy to use and deploy – and integrates beautifully with existing set IT capabilities and other Microsoft platforms.


Copilot in Power BI


Adding Microsoft Power BI helps to analyze the data effectively and produce more accurate results. Copilot in Power BI can generate charts and graphs, create complete reports, and provide actionable insights, adding more value to the data. 


Power BI with Bitscape


Bitscape, as a leading, trusted Microsoft partner offers Power BI Development and Implementation Services, which can help your business go the extra mile. From data warehousing to customized dashboard development, our Microsoft Power BI Solutions aim to help your venture visualize and create insightful stories from your precious data analytics. Your company may be of any size or type. Our expert BI developers will hand-hold your teams to help them stay updated and abreast about trends and growth drivers with real-time reporting and analytics, derived with astute implementation and integration of Power BI with your existing functionalities. We have worked with businesses in India, USA, UK, Australia etc., helping them leverage the power of Power BI for their organization.


Power BI Dashboard Solutions


HR Dashboard 


Experience the potential of using Microsoft Power BI and transform your HR department. Add data-driven intelligent insight and enable effective talent management with improved performance. Convert your HR data into actionable insight and design a Power BI Dashboard for the HR department.  


Marketing Dashboard 


With Power BI, users can build marketing dashboards that enable marketing managers to analyze quickly and offer customization for their online and offline business marketing needs. Identify the problem areas and add solutions by generating reports and adding out-of-the-box functionality. We, as Power BI Partners, help your company data into rich visuals.  


Project Management Dashboard 


Bridge the gap between expanding data sources and add the ability to analyze data using the Power BI project management dashboard. The dashboard displays the key performance indicators and the project's overall performance and progress. Get real-time Power BI integration into your project management dashboard. 


Executive Dashboard 


Visualize your data while building executive dashboards with Power BI. Gain more value and consolidate data using various types of dashboards, including CEO dashboards, CFO dashboards, CRM dashboards, Expense reporting actual vs. budget, sales performance dashboards, manufacturing execution systems, etc.  


Financial Dashboard Development 


Get a quick and easy way to visualize critical financial data of your project and make an informed decision. The Power BI dashboard in financial operations can track business expenses, offer daily cash flow, track accounts payable status, and achieve financial goals. We do help to design a CxO Financial dashboard.  


Operations Excellence Dashboard 


Our Power BI consultant knows how to focus on growth and execute the strategy better than competitors. Moreover, we provide an operations excellence analytics dashboard for the manufacturing industry to adopt a mindset of teamwork, problem-solving and to streamline the process of your business.  


Sales Analytics and Customer Consumption Dashboard 


Looking to embed powerful analytics into your business? Use our Sales analytics and customer consumption dashboard to make better decisions with Power BI. Enable your organization to visualize its real-time sales data while boosting productivity. Increase the efficiency of your business by building an excellent sales dashboard.  


RFM Insight – Customer Segmentation Dashboard  


Power BI RFM insight customer segmentation dashboard guides users to display RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analysis along with supporting customers to improve engagement and generate revenue growth. Our Power BI team also offers an excellent product revenue dashboard to drive enhanced sales.  


Our Custom Power BI Solutions for Industries 



Transform your manufacturing business using solutions like the executive dashboard, production dashboard, quality control analytics, inventory analysis, equipment health monitoring, supply chain visualization, labor and workforce analytics, etc



Improve your clinical decision-making by transforming your healthcare operations using a healthcare analytics dashboard, clinical performance monitoring, patient flow analysis, emergency department insights, remote monitoring, and wearable data.



Visualize your store performance by adding the below solutions to your retail business. It adds sales performance dashboards, inventory management, store operations analysis, customer segmentation, e-commerce analytics, promotional campaign analysis, omnichannel analytics, etc. 


Finance & Banking

Develop engaging and insightful Power BI solutions like financial performance dashboards, risk management analytics, loan portfolio analysis, customer analytics, fraud detection and prevention, regulatory compliance reporting, cash flow analysis, expense tracking and management, etc.



Solve intricate problems for your energy industry by adding energy consumption analysis, renewable energy dashboards, operational efficiency analytics, energy cost management, environmental impact analysis, energy asset management, and remote sensor data analysis 



Develop an eLearning solution for your education industry using features like student performance analytics, enrolment and admissions analysis, curriculum evaluation, learning management system (LMS), student engagement analysis, and alumni engagement. 



Create an interactive insurance dashboard by adding solutions like claims analysis, customer segmentation, policy performance metrics, risk management dashboard, premium analysis, customer experience analytics, loss ratio analysis, automated reporting, and more. 


Microsoft Power BI is a popular tool, and it has supported businesses of all types and of all sizes. A few common areas we provide modern Power BI services include media and communication, travel and transportation, government, hospitality, consulting, professional, wholesale, and distribution.

Microsoft Power BI Technology

Get the most out of your digitalization investments for your organization using Microsoft 365 Technology; Bitscape delivers real-time updates of your business anytime and from anywhere through Microsoft Power BI development solutions & helps in gathering interactive reports.

Why Power BI?

Data Driven Decisions White
Data-Driven Decisions

Unify your data to make tactical, insights-backed decisions for higher profitability and reliability. Smart algorithms and technology won’t miss a thing.

Custom Visualization White
Custom Visualization

Raw data transforms to charts, pies, graphs, trees for quick extraction and easy to decipher, intelligent data presentations. Highly navigable dashboards!

Data Integration White
Data Integration

BI brings together all your data from varied sources and ends, so your teams don’t miss out on any aspect of business. Live reports get updated in real time!

Easy Access White
Easy Access

With ready dashboards that are highly customizable and integrative and live reporting features, everything is just out there! Usable by non-tech personnel too. 

AI And Machine Learning White
AI and Machine Learning

Backed by the latest technology, BI reporting and analytics aid smart predictive, trends and competitive analysis. Can be activated with voice commands.

Scalable White

Start with what you need, integrate existing technologies, set up alerts and scale up or down with cost-effective augmentations or deletions.

Why Bitscape is your perfect Power BI Development?

Bitscape has a pool of dedicated resources for Power Platform and Power BI. These certified experts have years of experience working with clients of all types. Experience of assisting clients - plan, migrate, integrate and implement BI with a variety of legacy systems, OS, tools and other Microsoft platforms – for all kinds of organizational structures and requirements gives us an undeniable industry edge.   

20+ Microsoft Certified Sharepoint Professionals Blue 20+ Microsoft Certified Sharepoint Professionals White

Mandatory Certifications – Regular up-dation and training is a norm at Bitscape.

Cost Optimization Cost Optimization White

Customer Centricity – Client first policy & flexible payment plans ensure great ROIs & high cost optimization.

Over 18+ Years Experience Over 18+ Years Experience White

2+ Decades of Experience – As a MCPP, Bitscape offers expert solutions for all MS services, including Power BI.

Agile Methodologies Blue Agile Methodologies White

Agile, Flexi-Plans – We are geared to let you scale up or down, get custom solutions, app development and more.

End To End Solutions Blue End To End Solutions White

End to End Solutions – Get the full spectrum of BI services from data integration to live reports and individual or enterprise class solutions.

Quality Assurance Blue Quality Assurance White

Quality Assurance – Checks, tests, maintenance and regulatory compliances at every point with complete on-demand support.

Power BI Development Services

As your Power BI developer, we are responsible for development, integration, implementation and administration of your dashboards and other BI tools. We help you choose what works the best for your business needs and set-up – existing and potential – and should you need, we aid you migrate from on-premises to the Cloud – and also install additional features and capabilities like Power BI Embedded, Live Streaming etc. 

Digital Reporting Digital Reporting White

Power Bi Reporting

Get trusted BI solutions and Live Reports with Power BI Pro. Bitscape, a trusted Power BI development company, lets you unify disparate data sources at a single repository. Reporting feature lets your teams collaborate to build reports, publish or share them on any device.

Consultation & Implementation Blue Consultation & Implementation White

Power Bi Consulting

Take control of your data analysis and reporting with astute Power BI consulting services. Maximize your ROI and jump right into data-driven action, as our analysts, developers and BI consultants bring your apps to life with data visuals and help you execute a sound and secure BI strategy.   

Integration Blue Integration White

Power BI Integration

Get world class analytics as the unified fabric of your cloud and on-premises data seamlessly integrates with your business applications. A Power BI specialist can help you integrate your data and reporting to Power Pages, Power Apps or the Microsoft 365 suite, or choose Power BI Embedded to integrate with Azure.

Customization Blue Customization White

Power BI Customization

Your unique business structure and requirements can be mapped on to Power BI dashboards, data warehousing and reporting solutions to bring you custom functions and capabilities. Bitscape’s Bi developers are trained to pick the most appropriate and relevant features for your enterprise - from a highly flexible suite of Microsoft services. 

Support Azure Support Azure White

Power BI Support

Through each stage of Power BI implementation plan, BI development and deployment – certified teams at Bitscape ensure complete support and maintenance. From API support for bi template to bi gateways and staff training, bi consultants hand-hold at every step – so you can access, model and analyze your data to take confident decisions.  

Migration Blue Migration White

Power BI Migration

Time to migrate formally from a third-party analytics tool or Excel to Power BI? Invest in a trained Power bi company to ensure a seamless, secure migration and parallel development of bi solutions. From establishing a preliminary Bi architecture to migrating from a legacy bi – consultants can help you in complete migration.


Turn the scattered titbits of your data into rich, meaningful, interactive visuals with Power BI, its live dashboards, insights and reports. An excellent tool for data analysis, Microsoft’s business intelligence platform Bi encourages users to play and engage with their complex yet potent data and numbers. It offers affordable, flexible, customizable, accessible and highly usable analytics solutions, so you can turn your data into intelligent, transformative business decisions. The machine-learning backed apps seamlessly connect to datasets from various sources on cloud or on-premises, integrating all the disparate data, bringing real-time information. With its colorful and easy to decode charts, bars and more, Power BI makes modelling and visualizing data-trends possible for personnel of all kinds and backgrounds. Insights are swift and on-demand, and the platform comes with a host of scalable functionalities.

Yes, it does. Depending upon your requirement and preference, you can decide upon the real-time experience you want with Power BI. This can be scaled up or down with the version you choose – Desktop/ Mobile, Pro or Premium and a variety of available, customizable features. You can create Power BI Embedded capacity to notch up the real time experience. Apart from scheduled data refreshes via gateways, real-time experience with Power BI can be strengthened with features like Automatic Page Refresh and Streaming datasets. Tools like Power Automate help in swiftly creating real-time dashboards. Power BI offers regular updates and feature-additions to enhance real-time data and reporting possibilities.  

We help you leverage the brilliant Power BI platform to transform the way your business decides and moves ahead. With Bitscape, you can choose and customize the Power BI development process as per your requirement and business needs. Reach out to one of our representatives – here – today to understand the Bitscape Power BI Development process in detail. We always plan ahead and well, which means our development teams go the extra mile understanding your key issues and needs. While consulting, we carry out detailed implementation scope analysis, planning and strategizing. On demand, we integrate, migrate, implement, develop custom apps and dashboards, maintain status quo, provide support and more, helping you leverage the most from features like real-time dashboards, live reporting, streaming etc.

Bitscape has worked with clients of all scales and sizes, delivering highly competent and gratifying solutions for all the Microsoft platforms and services, including Azure, Power Platform and BI. The experience and expertise of over 2 decades helps us leverage the most, latest and best for all kinds of businesses and customer requirements. Our teams fulfil the mandate of regular Microsoft certifications, which ensures their know-how is among the best in the industry. The evolution of our Power BI consulting and development services has happened along with the Power BI platform itself. We offer end-to-end, full scale solutions -from consulting to integration, migration, on-demand development and support - with easy and transparent payment models and billing options. Bitscape is a certifies Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), and a partner of the prestigious MCPP.

Yes. We will deploy dedicated developers and teams, as per your business requirements to ensure your Power BI experience with Bitscape is hassle-free and consistent. From the pool of available features and resources by Power BI platform, our personnel will help you choose the most feasible, valuable and cost-effective options. Integration with your existing systems and datasets, from diverse sources on Cloud or on-premises servers can be done on demand. Your teams can reach out to the assigned dedicated Power BI resource/s for any assistance and augmentation, as and when needed.    

Power BI Dashboard & Reports - HR Analytics

Power BI Dashboard & Reports - Product Revenue Analytics

Mutual Fund Dashboard is designed to enhance clients Investment and Assets Under Management (AUM) with paid interest. It is to analyze effectiveness with a large number of branches that carrying out clients having different types of investments and transactions based on time. It helps the stock traders to track investment and client’s overall details by getting the right metrics anytime, anywhere. A mutual fund allows you to discover why your customers and their investments are dropping in some areas. The dashboards can help you filter out data at multiple levels. For example, one can see the client’s performance by investment time, fund strategy to increase clients by city and/or branch.

Power BI enables project managers, development directors, and CEO’s to gain all the needed insights for smart and data-driven decision making based on the current status of their projects in Project Online. You can create clear, visually compelling project reports with the Power BI interactive data visualization tools in Microsoft Project Online. With ready available content pack, you can connect to your Project Online instance and it will auto-generate pre-defined reports and a dashboard. This will get you started quickly with visualizing your Project Online data.

Operations Excellence Dashboard helps management to what are the production, quality, sales, service, and wastage of products, what are overall effectiveness of product and production based on time at their fingertips. Operation Excellence Dashboard delivers solution to provide holistic monitoring of their organization and to help Management and team to gain meaningful insights into their business that drive actionable results. It requires continuous tracking of the business as a whole and the ability to view detailed performance information of individual products and lines of business. Operations Excellence Dashboards simultaneously provide both a big picture, as well as a detailed view of the performance of products.

Good businesspersons acknowledge the importance of “Value the customer”. Instead of simply focusing on generating more clicks, businessperson follows the standard shift from increased Click-Through Rates to retention, loyalty, and building customer relationships. Instead of analyzing the entire customer base, it is better to segment them into homogeneous groups, understand the characteristic of each group, and engage them with relevant campaigns. One of the most marketable and effective segmentation methods to enable businesspersons to analyze customer behavior is RFM analysis.

FMCG sales analytics dashboard is developed to enhance sales effectiveness of employees. It helps salesperson and manager to easily analyse their sales and target effectiveness in a sophisticated manner. It helps user to spend less time in analysing data and more time in gaining actionable insights. FMCG sales dashboard not only ensure that you have high quality and real time data but also transforms it into meaningful recommendations for the present and future. It shares sales metrics in real-time to allow you to take key sales-oriented business decisions at the right time, may it be from your boardroom or when you are on the move.

Power BI Dashboard for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Analytics & Reporting

Employee Executive Summary with Power BI, HR Dashboard

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