Microsoft is a technology market leader that connect teams, avail virtual desktop, and keep all organizational data secure to deliver scalable and sustainable remote working experience.

Cloud potency solutions of Microsoft 365 transform the workspace digitally & gives real-time revolutionary experience. Microsoft 365 is a part of ecosystem products that provide enterprise mobility with security. With the digital workplace created through Microsoft 365, one will re-originate the productivity process, enhance the user experience, speed-up innovation, and construct a competitive advantage. It helps you create and sustain a budget-friendly, quickly responsive, and safe workplace platform.

Bitscape will accelerate your move by unlocking the full productivity potential, cost-effective and collaborative tools, modern data, and analytics. We also provide insights from self-service and data discovery & have expertise in cloud services that leverage operational framework. Our professionals can stretch standard Microsoft 365 service offerings with managed services if required.



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We deliver advanced Cloud-focused Microsoft 365 support at an economical price to keep our customers satisfied through which they can run their business smoothly with quick response to problem resolution for Microsoft Azure, and Office 365. With M365 you can optimize and enable frontline impact via connecting the workforce, digitalizing manual processes, accelerating onboarding, empowering with advanced devices, and much more. 

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Manage IT Security with Endpoint Protection

With so much data stored online, it’s easy for hackers to access sensitive information. To protect against cyber threats, you should use an endpoint protection solution that includes antivirus software, antimalware, and firewall capabilities. Connect with our Microsoft Certified Experts and select the best suitable subscription for your business now.

MyAnalytics uses everyday data from Microsoft Office 365 to give your users insights into how they spend their time. It then provides insights and tips that help your users work smarter and improve their work patterns. As end user you can see how you spent your time over the past month, productivity insights about your work patterns, helpful suggestions for improvement, and information about your network, top collaborators, and collaboration activities. MyAnalytics is completely personal and private. Only you (not your manager and not the system administrator) can see your insights.

Bitscape's Room Booking System helps you to remove the hassle in meeting room scheduling. It enables you to schedule and manage meeting rooms with functionality of catering, AV or other equipment, providing a clear view of reservations and availability. Find the right room with a few clicks, book room on the go. It comes with the feature to configure the different settings and options enabling very less or no administration after deployment. Visually manage and check availability of rooms group by their locations, room type etc, enabling users to book a new room, search for room from different locations, update a room booking, cancel the booked room etc.

Understanding how your users are using Office 365 is extremely important to you as an Office 365 admin. Reporting portal in O365 admin center allows you to efficiently monitor your service, identify issues, plan support and training and to report back on the investment to your management. You can easily see how people in your business are using Microsoft 365 services. Reports are available for the last 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days. It provides you with valuable insights about how the Office 365 services are being used and delivers details down to the individual user level directly in the Office 365 admin center.

With Project Pro for O365 or Project Plan 3, you get the most powerful project management and publishing in the cloud. Keep projects, resources, and teams organized and on track, use easy and efficient planning and status tracking, plus scheduling and costing, collaborate with others from virtually anywhere, assign resources with resource management capabilities. View visualized timelines - understand the relationships between tasks with help from highlighted task paths in a timeline view. Make informed decisions - use baselines to help you track and compare actual progress to the original project plan. Create reports - Get insights, communicate information to stakeholders, and achieve results with help from powerful built-in reports like burndown and resource overview.

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