Streamline tasks using Robotic Process Automation and deploy Microsoft Power Automate to add scalability and security. 

Power Platform is a cloud-based tool to help employees create and automate workflow across multiple apps and services. With 20+ years of experience, Bitscape offers best RPA expert team to automate repetitive tasks and manage different types of programs. Moreover, the software we use supports building individual workflow solutions with an increasingly high level of automation and process efficiency.  


Connect with the Robotic Process Automation team to combine AI (Artificial Intelligence) and integrate it with different kinds of workflow models. Using different key features of power automation, we can track step-by-step actions by adding smart workflows and delivering API-based automation in one platform. As the best Microsoft solution provider company, we use RPA services to resolve complex and manual tasks by creating suitable workflows.  

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RPA with Power Automate Services

Cloud Flow White
Cloud Flow

By setting up a specific time, one can create a Cloud flow that can create automation to trigger the event, automate repetitive tasks using instant flows, and schedule automation like uploading data to SharePoint or a database. 

Business Process Flow White
Business Process Flow

With Business Process flow, one can streamline the user experience that leads people to use their organization's process and add tailored user experience based on different security roles. Use this flow to speed up the process and avoid mistakes.  

Desktop Flow White
Desktop Flow

Using Power Automate desktop flow, one can broaden the Robotic process automation and perform simple to complex processes. Use capabilities like creating flows, interacting with everyday tools and use the drag-and-drop feature to record desktop flow. 

RPA Benefits with Power Automate

Simplified Process Blue Simplified Process White

Simplified Process

Use RPA to free up your employees from repetitive and low-value tasks. Add high value to your business by using automated workflow and completing the job faster and getting more accuracy than humans. Use RPA for your organization to process easier.  

Better Security Blue Better Security White

Better security

For any business, cybersecurity is essential, while solutions with RPA help to protect your sensitive data and guard against security threats. Moreover, using RPA is the best way to secure your business.  

Low Controlled Cost Blue Low Controlled Cost White

Low Controlled Cost

Using RPA for your business provides automated workflow, better cost management, and consistently meets demand. Using RPA bots, get them to work like humans at a fraction of the cost. Even a small investment in robot process automation can help to optimize the cost.  

Excellent Scalability Blue Excellent Scalability White

Excellent Scalability

Many companies rely on RPA tools to carry out several business tasks. At the same time, process automation allows your business to scale and meet seasonal demand by managing inventory and other forms of production.  

Increase Compliance Blue Increase Compliance White

Increase Compliance

The word compliance stands for sustainability and reliability. Our RPA solutions are developed following organizations' guidelines and providing consistency and accuracy. Also, RPA can be audited from a single location rather than performed through multiple app audits.  

Employee Satisfaction Blue Employee Satisfaction White

Employee Satisfaction

What if we can reduce the tedious process and automate them? With RPA, this can be done easily, managing your employee's critical tasks by reducing repetitive tasks and increasing employee satisfaction.   

Industries We Serve

Several companies adopt RPA to manage tasks across various industries and maintain workflow automation. We understand your business first and digitize it by building individual workflow solutions for clients across countries like India, the US, Canada, and more. 

RPA Solutions for Businesses

With 20+ years of experience providing robotic process automation services and solutions, we create robust RPA solutions built on the Power Automate platform. The below solutions are mainly designed to automate a wide range of business processes, including desktop, supply chain, human resources, and more.  



Various organizations use workflow automation from RPA to get simplified processes and increase productivity and reliability by adding a greater ability to control the overall cost.  

Our robotic process automation team offers excellent support services for structured, repetitive, and rule-based processes. While RPA constantly avoids changing attributes for the processes.  

RPA Power Automate is a function known as UI flows. Several software systems might not support API automation for human interaction, but with RPA, we can quickly transform our manual task into an automated workflow. Microsoft now has an end-to-end platform that can automate and scale the process with ease. Power automation services can also deliver API and UI-based automation in one platform.

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