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In a dynamic world of rapidly evolving needs, landscapes, and technology, keeping up with the latest and most functional is vital. Data and system migrations are crucial for upgrading, expanding, or consolidating for enhanced productivity, collaboration and growth. Migration involves astute strategizing and a series of critical steps, which when executed well, can ensure minimal downtimes, safe and secure data transfers, and best, in-class solutions without potential disruptions, bottlenecks or discomfort!



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SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Migration Consulting Services


SharePoint is an excellent platform for empowering your business, revolutionizing your digital workplace, and overall digital collaboration.


Looking to migrate your legacy system to SharePoint or upgrade to a new version, server, or functionality? We have a proven track record of seamlessly spearheading mission-critical projects, aiding enterprises of all sizes and scales with our customized SharePoint Solutions and SharePoint Migration Services. Our adept SharePoint Migration Consulting Services come with a promise of Microsoft-certified expertise that's among the best in the industry.


Don't Slow Down; Ramp Up with Bitscape's SharePoint Migration Consultants


We can help you migrate your systems and data smoothly and swiftly to ensure your business' continuity. Our SharePoint-certified team consultants will understand your existing environments, business objectives and requirements – to formulate tailored SharePoint Migration Solutions – so you get the best ROI from your IT investments. As one of the leading global SharePoint Migration Service Providers, we have helped organizations in America, Canada, Australia, Middle East and across India move between tenants, versions, functions, and storage options etc. We employ latest SharePoint Migration Tools, curate tailored workflows and follow a distinctive plan, bringing you SharePoint Migration Solutions – targeted to your unique business needs.

Get Started with The SharePoint Migration Process

Plan White

Our consulting team determines a customized approach by understanding client requirements, reviewing best practices, system needs, upgrade paths etc. A high-level project plan is documented and shared/ discussed with all involved stakeholders.

Prepare White

At this critical stage, high-priority elements are identified and documented. Key factors, like potential effects of upgrade and migration, are studied and understood. Customization of layouts, features, solutions, events are identified, while obsolete data is removed.

Act White

A migration method is chosen, and user configuration is finalised. Upon approval, implementation of the migration process is securely started. Back-up is done and the upgrade is initiated. Our SharePoint migration teams carry out In-Place, DB attach, and Post Upgrade steps.

Check White

Once the comprehensive migration process is completed, the upgrade is verified and upgraded sites are reviewed thoroughly. Our Microsoft-certified experts test and examine the solutions at every level. Any issues with upgradation and transfer are identified and fixed.

Bitscape - Your SharePoint Migration Solution Specialist

Thoughtful and timely migration of functions, systems, and data is essential to Digital Workplace Transformation. It is a complex, critical and costly process, yet many times, need of the hour. Trust Bitscape to help you transition your operations seamlessly and safely to the SharePoint platform. This can be done for version upgrades, moving from other CRMs like Dropbox, G Suite, Box or Groupware like Lotus Notes or database management systems like Oracle etc.

Get Custom Solutions And Tools To Suit Your Business Needs. (Solution As Per Business Need) Blue Get Custom Solutions And Tools To Suit Your Business Needs. (Solution As Per Business Need) White

Get Custom Solutions and Tools to suit your business needs.

Certified And Trained Expert Professionals And Consultants Blue Certified And Trained Expert Professionals And Consultants White

Certified and trained expert professionals and consultants.

Continuous Handholding Throughout The Migration Process And Beyond. (Handholding Or Guide) Blue Continuous Handholding Throughout The Migration Process And Beyond. (Handholding Or Guide) White

Continuous hand-holding throughout the migration process and beyond.

Customization To Suit User Needs And Aid Phased And Iterative Migration. Blue Customization To Suit User Needs And Aid Phased And Iterative Migration. White

Customization to suit user needs and aid phased and iterative migration.

Bringing In Coherence Relevance Ease Of Management And Retrieval With Timely Delivery Blue Bringing In Coherence Relevance Ease Of Management And Retrieval With Timely Deliverywhite

Bringing in coherence, relevance, ease of management and retrieval – with timely delivery.

Planned And Structured Migration, With Precise Checks On Throughput, Latencies, End User Experienc B Planned And Structured Migration, With Precise Checks On Throughput, Latencies, End User Experienc W

Planned and structured migration, with precise checks on throughput, latencies, end-user experience and more.

SharePoint Migration Services to Match Your Business Needs


Version Upgrade

Enjoy enhanced functionality, and smooth, skilled and thoroughly analyzed migration to a suitable, latest SharePoint version. Assess your 2009, 2010 or 2013 versions – with complete guidance, support and custom solutions migration. Migrate to 2019 step-by-step, including the initial migration to 2016.


Hybrid Migration

Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid SharePoint environment. Our consultants guide you to take advantage of preserving your legacy on-premises systems, aiding you in seamlessly integrating these with the fantastic flexibility SharePoint online offers.


On-premises to Cloud

Explore a world of unlimited flexibility! Get cloud-only advantages as you undertake the monumental move of your on-premises functions to SharePoint online. With Bitscape's expert migration teams, challenges are minimized, as in-effect on-premises functionalities and capabilities are safely preserved.


Content/ Data Migration

Your digital data is a treasure; you wish to keep it updated and well-managed. Let us assist you in safely and swiftly migrating your precious data from an outdated CMS to SharePoint Online/ On-Premises. Results – compatibility, advanced search, systematic structures, and more straightforward navigation.


Migrating from a Third-Party Application

Enjoy enhanced collaboration and Office 365 edge with a seamless migration service that effectively integrates functionalities from third-party applications to SharePoint online or on-premises. Centralize your processes and see your business grow!


Functional Migration

Your operations and functions on any other on-premises or online server can be migrated with end-to-end compatibility checks and onboarding services to the SharePoint cloud. This includes workflows, forms, and all sorts of data, reports etc.


Custom Migration

As a part of your digital transformation, streamline your organizational processes by choosing custom migration solutions by Bitscape. Our Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts build custom solutions for your specific SharePoint Migration needs as per astute viability assessments.

Benefits of SharePoint Migration Services

Manage And Migrate Your Precious Data Swiftly And Securely With Minimal Downtime Blue Manage And Migrate Your Precious Data Swiftly And Securely With Minimal Downtime White

Manage and migrate your precious data swiftly and securely with minimal downtime.

Clean Up Your Operations To Eliminate Redundant And Outdated Data And Practices. Blue Clean Up Your Operations To Eliminate Redundant And Outdated Data And Practices. White

Clean up your operations to eliminate redundant and outdated data and practices.

Pick And Choose Blue Pick And Choose White

Pick and choose – with expert guidance - the most suitable and viable SharePoint Migration option for your business.

Legacy System Blue Legacy System White

Move your on-file legacy system to SharePoint Online to enjoy the flexibility and other advantages.

Data Safety Blue Data Safety White

Proper planning, preparation, onboarding and support ensure your data and systems are safe at every step.

Professional Guidance Blue Professional Guidance White

The experience and expertise of certified professionals guide you and your operations at every step.

Industries We Serve

Bitscape works with businesses from various sectors and industries to help them consolidate their SharePoint Platform and choose/ customize Migration solutions. The benefits of quality SharePoint Migration Services extend to all verticals, some of which include -

Planning a Transformative Digital Migration?

Our Microsoft-certified panel of SharePoint Migration Consultants can guide you overcome an array of potential roadblocks. Make the most suitable and viable choice, specific to your business needs to move your legacy system to SharePoint - or upgrade to a pertinent SharePoint option. Followed by in-depth assessments and checks, thorough plans are formulated. Tech preparations and astute executions at every step contain complications and minimize downtimes - ensuring a smooth, coherent transition and excellent post-migration practices.


The cost of SharePoint data migration is a significant consideration for organizations. However, it depends on multiple factors. The scope and size of required migration is the foremost thing determining the overall expenditure. This translates to the size of your business, number and location of servers (cloud or on-site), environments, size of data and systems etc. The project timelines are also a determinant in costs and so are the number of users, kind of upgrade or migration required etc. This includes custom solutions, licenses, post-migration considerations and additional developmental expenses. In short, pricing largely depends on your scale and circumstances.

Migration is a complex process, requiring meticulous, monitored and expert handling. Mistakes or laxity at any stage may result in downtimes, high costs and operational disruptions. Data Loss, Corruption or Alteration (Semantics change) is an inherent risk. Always hire trusted, experienced, skilled personnel and consulting services for this transformative job. Internal strategizing and planning are a must too. Also, organizations must orient their stakeholders, users and clients for UI and semantics changes ahead of a Digital Transformation process.

It largely depends on the scale and size of the organization, functionalities, customizations, sites and type of migration involved. The methodologies and tools selected for the process also determine the time required for a safe, secure, quality migration.

The choices for a SharePoint Migration type are diverse. They are best chosen, keeping business needs, expendable resources and age/stage of business system/ operations. Your own SharePoint team may choose tools to automate the process partially. However, it is best to opt for the services of professional SharePoint consultants and developers to help you strategize and carry out a customized, scrutinized Migration process.

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