Get better control over your system and manage orders by establishing a standardized workflow for your manufacturing industry with SharePoint development for Manufacturing. 

Bitscape, a Microsoft Solution Partner, has 20+ years of experience in SharePoint Consulting and SharePoint development and aims to help organizations to implement SharePoint Intranets effectively. We understand every business is unique, and therefore, we have come up with adding custom SharePoint implementation for the manufacturing industry.


Our SharePoint Development for Manufacturing Clients helps to solve communication challenges by offering excellent manufacturing intranet solutions. SharePoint portal helps users get consistent data, secure data sharing, and minimize errors. Our expert SharePoint consultant supports you in improving speed and transparency across all businesses and multiple industries.


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SharePoint Portal Development Solutions  


We built modern workplace using improved SharePoint portal development solutions. Level up your manufacturing business value with SharePoint development by adding customized solutions based on your needs. We deliver end-to-end SharePoint consulting and development services to offer 100% secure and scalable outcome. Few SharePoint Portal development solutions you get from us are:


  • Employee Portal


  • Vendor Portal


  • Custom Portal


  • Sales Portal


  • Self-Service Portal


  • Partner Portal


  • Training Portal 


SharePoint Intranet Development Solutions 


Design a powerful SharePoint Intranet development solution that comes with a strong data protection, faultless business continuity, high user adoption, and other universal accessibility. We help you leverage SharePoint capabilities with adding industries specific requirements. Faster your working process with spending less effort and getting better results.


  • SharePoint Intranet for Employees


  • SharePoint Intranet for Companies  

SharePoint Development for Manufacturing Services

Sharepoint Consulting Services White
SharePoint Consulting Services

We are one of the best SharePoint Consulting service teams to handle all disorganized workflows and poor communication and improve productivity. Our holistic approach develops a SharePoint solution to support employees and integrate the processes.   

Sharepoint Development Services White
SharePoint Development Services

We are a successful SharePoint development service company to offer a rich-features and a highly secured solution. Build flexible and future-proof web apps and collaborate with various businesses to boost productivity. 

Sharepoint Migration Services White
SharePoint Migration Services

Our SharePoint development for the manufacturing team provides a smooth process to migrate and add a new life into your working environment. Get a smooth transition to SharePoint and get SharePoint consultancy from start to finish. 

Sharepoint Support Services White
SharePoint Support Services

Our SharePoint support team mainly focuses on businesses and helps save resources by keeping your SharePoint environment running smoothly. Create a robust tool and improve your team’s productivity by connecting with a SharePoint consulting service company. 

Ways SharePoint Development Help Manufacturer

Business Process Automation Blue Business Process Automation White

Business Process Automation

SharePoint helps remove the manual handling task, track the system, and add an automated, integrated workflow. This automation will allow manufacturers to respond quickly to any actions via automated alerts/notifications. 

Product Lifecycle Management Blue Product Lifecycle Management White

Product Lifecycle Management

We have a SharePoint consulting team for manufacturers who want to speed up their innovation, solve queries, and make decisions based on their product life cycle. Get real-time data sharing, automated processes, and improved turnaround time with SharePoint. 

Paperless Document Management Blue Paperless Document Management White

Paperless Document Management

Use the SharePoint implementation to manage contracts and other order details. Go paperless with SharePoint for businesses. SharePoint portal help organizations manage their documents well and achieve their manufacturing process automation.   

Sharepoint For Web Portals And App Blue Sharepoint For Web Portals And App White

SharePoint for Web Portals and App

We use SharePoint to help businesses develop portals, webpage, and applications based on specific business requirements. Manufacturers can easily share papers and contracts using SharePoint and seamlessly track vendor orders. 

Collaborative Platform Blue Collaborative Platform White

Collaborative Platform

We, as the best SharePoint consultant, guide manufacturers to rely on SharePoint for collaboration and publish their content securely. SharePoint development for the manufacturing industry provides a centralized platform to collaborate and communicate anytime. 

Enhanced Mobility Features Blue Enhanced Mobility Features White

Enhanced Mobility Features

Use SharePoint development consulting services to enable on-the-go collaboration and easily communicate with remote teams. To provide manufacturers with data accessibility from anywhere and empower their sales, we offer SharePoint mobility solutions. 

Industries We Serve

Connect with the SharePoint Portal development team and achieve digital transformation goals using the modern manufacturing solution. We at Bitscape have 10+ years of experience providing excellent SharePoint portal consulting services with a centralized platform across the USA, Canada, and India. 


SharePoint Portals are used for integration with ERP and CRM. It helps to deliver secure and flexible solutions along with assisting customers to streamline operations. A few valuable ways that users can use the SharePoint portal are that it helps to view and edit the data in real time. You can create new product return requests and access performance reports and customer data. Get access to stock and other order details. 

SharePoint Intranet brings secure and effortless business information storage. Moreover, your organization’s employees can spend less time in meetings and easily connect with remote teams. Lastly, you don’t need to waste time on repetitive tasks and invest more in other significant jobs. 

SharePoint works mainly for documents and other file management systems. You get SharePoint Integration and Dynamics CRM solutions using the SharePoint portal. Later one can transfer the SharePoint files to Dynamics Portal.   

SharePoint aims to help businesses improve the customer’s capabilities by providing a collaborative portal and ensuring smooth functioning. As a SharePoint consulting service provider, we help to create a robust web portal with excellent scalability and minimize downtime. 

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