Achieve unified endpoint management across all devices by enabling productivity for company-managed, employee-managed, and third party-managed devices. 

With the increasing number of devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc., there is an increase in the number of options available to stay connected. While a lot of the company’s team members are looking to get access to their work-related documents from anywhere virtually. For this, the Intune consulting team offers a diverse toolset to manage complex mobile environments. Also, Intune comes with a unique combination of mobile app and device management to provide secure mobile productivity.  


Connect with our Microsoft Intune Consulting service team and integrate with tools like Skype, SharePoint, Power BI, and more. Our Intune consultant helps in Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), along with enabling encrypted emails. Moreover, adding biometric technology offers access to Outlook and provides excellent visualization and easy-to-use tools.   

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Hire Microsoft Intune Consultant 


If you want to enable your workforce to be more productive and keep your corporate data secure, choose our Microsoft Intune consultant to use cloud-based services without adding infrastructure. At Bitscape, we provide expert guidance to implement and deploy best practices with support from start to finish.  


Manage Devices Management (MDM) 


MDM is for you if you want complete control of your device across corporate assets. Intune MDM allows users to use their personal devices and give access to all control.  


MDM Capabilities 

  • Self-service Company Portal 
  • Simple Deployment of Connected Profiles and Certifications 
  • Comprehensive Policy Management 
  • Conditional Access  
  • Lockdown Policy Enforcement 


Manage Applications Management (MAM) 


Give protection to your personal devices and limit user access by adding actions like copy, paste, save, and data view. It allows users to isolate data for specific users and apply on to devices.  


MAM Capabilities 

  • Inbuilt Mobile Application Management with Office 365 
  • Secure Content Viewing 
  • Intune App Wrapping Tool 
  • Selective Wipe 
  • Access Control 
  • Streamlined App Development 


Microsoft Endpoint Manager 


EPM comes with the ability to offer Intune and Azure Active directories to manage clients’ applications with ease. It comes with security control like Microsoft Defender ATP, firewalls, Disk encryption, endpoint detection, attack surface reduction, and more.  


Microsoft Endpoint Manager Capabilities 

  • Manage Devices/Applications with MDM/MAM 
  • Manage Windows 10 Computers 
  • Restrict, Audit, & Permit Device Compliance 
  • Control Antivirus, Firewall, And Other Attacks with Security 
  • Get Enrollment and Other Usage Health Analysis Report  

Why Bitscape for Microsoft Intune Consulting Services?

As a Microsoft Solution partner company, we are an early adopter of Microsoft Intune services and help organizations achieve greater results. Our Intune consulting service team helps users offer excellent data protection and allows organizations to enforce data protection. Few reasons why we are better for you are listed below.  

Microsoft Partner For 20+ Years Blue Microsoft Partner For 20+ Years White

Microsoft Partner for 20+ Years

Enhanced Security Blue Enhanced Security White

Enhanced Security

Automation And Application Delivery Blue Automation And Application Delivery White

Automation and Application Delivery

Software Deployment Blue Software Deployment White

Software Deployment

Device Management Blue Device Management Blue

Device Management

Data Protection Blue Data Protection White

Data Protection

Microsoft Intune Consulting Key Features

Cross Platform Endpoint Management Blue Cross Platform Endpoint Management White

Cross Platform Endpoint management

Use Microsoft Intune services to manage all your endpoints, such as cloud, mobile, on-premises, desktop, and more. Manage across platforms including Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and more.  

Endpoint Analytics Blue Endpoint Analytics White

Endpoint Analytics

Using the Microsoft Intune services, improve your user experience and measure how your organization works and what quality one should deliver based on data-driven recommendations.  

Build In Endpoint Security Blue Build In Endpoint Security White

Build-in Endpoint Security

Get ready to reduce the risk of endpoint vulnerabilities by simply configuring and managing various security tasks for devices at risk.  

Mobile Application Managment Blue Mobile Application Managment White

Mobile Application Management   

Use our Microsoft Intune consulting service to serve your organization’s data without requiring mobile device enrollment and provide your workers with the best flexibility and non-intrusive experience.   

Industries We Serve

We aim to help organizations in transformation by providing proper Intune consulting, which includes proper strategy building, excellent data security, and performing best in the market. Our extensive experience in deploying Microsoft Intune assists the client in managing corporate data across various countries like India, the USA, Canada, and more. 

Customer Challenges we solve with Microsoft Intune

Our Microsoft Intune experts help to simplify your organization’s app management by adding built-in app implementation, deployment, updates, and removal.  

Our Microsoft Intune Consultant guides you to bring your own device (BYOD) program and offers excellent solutions to secure your organization efficiently. 

Get ready to reduce the time and organization infrastructure requirement and start managing, deploying, and retiring devices with ease.  

We have experience working with all organization types and delivering excellent endpoint management solutions by deploying apps and configuration settings and updating them in one place. 

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