Helping organization create new identity solutions with reducing attack surface and unused credentials with Microsoft Entra Consulting Services. 

Microsoft Entra is a product with the family circle from Microsoft, which adds identification and getting capabilities admission such as Azure Active Directory. Its family includes Microsoft's identity and access management capabilities, and these (IAM) tools add up to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and two other tools, including Decentralized Identity and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM). 


Our Microsoft Entra consultant team aims to fill the best security gaps that support the zero-trust security model. Moreover, we help to simplify identity management by streamlining identity and strengthening security. Also, as identity attacks are on the rise, we support you in stopping future data breaches by securing the identities of today. Connect with us to find the solution that best fits your organization’s requirements.  

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An Insight into Microsoft Entra  


Today, Microsoft Entra is at a glance as Microsoft Azure AD is a hero to the identity and access management process and offers functions that help customers deliver identity solutions. With 20+ years of experience providing Microsoft Entra consulting services, we help organizations get solutions to connect the world with Microsoft Entra. Additionally, one can build robust identity solutions with Microsoft Entra Integrations. Some of the solutions are listed below. 


  • Verified identity and secured data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. 
  • Regulate permission across multi-cloud environments.  
  • Provide intelligent data-driven decisions with a simplified user experience. 
  • Get protected user's app access and resources. 


Microsoft Entra ID Governance 


Enhance productivity and security by increasing employee productivity and meeting compliance and regulation. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we help users to automate employee productivity, reduce risk by strengthening security, streamline deployment, and automate routine tasks by focusing on AI-provided insights and exceptions.  


Microsoft Entra ID Governance Capabilities 


  • Entitlement Management 
  • AI-Driven Standard Access Reviews 
  • Lifecycle Workflows 
  • Privileged Identity Management 


Objectives to Achieve Zero Trust Identity Protection with Microsoft Entra


Proper planning and interaction are the keys to implementing Zero Trust Identity. As a Microsoft Entra consulting service provider, we know how to tackle digital access and use all possible scenarios. Also, we enable smarter and real-time access decisions for all identities across multi-Cloud and beyond.  


  • Deployment Objectives  
  • Transform Management of External Identities 
  • Applying Conditional Access and Remediations 


Unify Multicloud Identity with Microsoft Entra Product Family

Microsoft Azure Active Directory White
Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure AD is one complete suite with features that users love using. Azure AD offers a Cloud identification solution that enables users to choose the right plan and protect their organization's identities. A few functions are, giving seamless customer experience, secure, adaptive access, unified identification management, and offering secure adaptive access.  

Microsoft Entra Verified ID White
Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Customers might manipulate their credentials. Therefore, Microsoft Entra verifies ID and provides user identity authentication and a solution to decentralized identification credentials. It includes features like verifying accreditation, gets effortless configuration and deployment, along with getting improved collaboration for users.  

Permissions Management White
Permissions Management

Microsoft uses the CloudKnox Permissions management tool to rebrand its own and make it a part of a Microsoft Entra Family. Also, permission management as a Cloud Infrastructure entitles management and works as a part of the suite. While the product offers complete visibility and control over permission to identify, get continuous monitoring, authorization, and access management.   

Microsoft Entra Workload Identities White
Microsoft Entra Workload Identities

Manage and get secure applications access using Microsoft Entra workload identities. We create security policies to access, detect compromised identities, and help simplify lifecycle management. A few of the services include enhanced security, reduced threat risk, review usage, and get more insight into workload identities.  

Why is Bitscape better for Microsoft Entra Consulting Services?

To Strengthen Cloud Security Blue To Strengthen Cloud Security White

To strengthen cloud security

To Defend Against Threats Blue To Defend Against Threats White

To defend against threats

To Secure Development Lifecycle Blue To Secure Development Lifecycle White

To secure the development lifecycle 

To Build Secure Applications Blue To Build Secure Applications White

To build secure applications

To Control Critical Data Blue To Control Critical Data White

To control critical data

To Get 100% Customer Satisfaction Blue To Get 100% Customer Satisfaction White

To get 100% customer satisfaction

Benefits Of Microsoft Entra That Help You Get Secured Access to the Digital World

Minimize Cloud Risk From Cloud Access Blue Minimize Cloud Risk From Cloud Access White

Minimize Cloud Risk from Cloud Access

Our Microsoft Entra consultant guides you in using Microsoft Entra permission management and gets an overview of the permissions, including actions, identities, and resources. It comes with component mitigation that reduces the risk of data breaches across different platforms. 

Automatic Critical Identity Governance Blue Automatic Critical Identity Governance White

Automatic Critical Identity Governance

If a user wants to manage their organization's critical onboarding and offboarding, then using the automatic essential identity governance is the best option. As a Microsoft security partner, we help you manage and access data automatically. 

Decentralized Identity Community Blue Decentralized Identity Community White

Decentralized Identity Community

The verified ID component tool helps organizations decide what is better to share, what to share, and to whom to share. Also, it comes with a bit of magic that these organizations can take back the shared data if required. 

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We build innovative and cloud-to-edge solutions, services, and applications as a Microsoft solution partner. As a strategic solution provider, we support users to create faster and clear paths for customers to drive business growth across various industries and countries like India, the USA, Canada, etc.  

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