Get Enterprise-Grade Security with cost-effective solution from Microsoft Defender for Business 


With 20+ years of experience in offering excellent Microsoft services, we as a professional Microsoft Defender consulting services helps organization to detect threat and minimize the breach impact. Our Microsoft Defender solutions are combined with adding security capabilities like protect, investigate, respond, collaborate, identify, and protect from threat.  


Microsoft Defender for Business (MDB) is most used for small businesses and helps to add new endpoint security solutions. It works as a part of Microsoft 365 business basic or standard plan and can be used as a standalone defender for business products. Defender for Business mainly focuses on end-user platforms and supports Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we help organizations provide capabilities like next-generation protection, endpoint detection, and vulnerability management.   

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Our complete Microsoft consultant team helps to implement services using standard methods like:


  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint 
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity 
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 


Microsoft Defender for Business is known for its endpoint security. It is well-designed for small to medium-sized businesses by helping protect organizations from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other threats. While we, as one of the Microsoft Solution Partners, support companies that invest in the right automated endpoint security detection and threat management.  


Defender for Business comes with a new endpoint security solution available for Microsoft 365 Premium and as a standalone solution.


A few of the defenders for endpoint security products available are:


  • Defender for Business 
  • Defender for endpoint P1 
  • Defender for endpoint P2 
  • Server 2012R2 and more 


While managing devices through Defender for businesses comes with various operating systems, including: 


  • Windows 10 Professional or later 
  • Windows 10 Business or later 
  • Windows 10 Enterprise or later 
  • macOS 

Microsoft Defender for Business Capabilities

Our Microsoft Defender for Business features assists users in deploying security across devices and using automated intelligence to detect threats and respond to them effectively. Take benefits of managing the services and providing actionable insights. As a Microsoft consultant, we help to deliver comprehensive security value and support you in setting up devices. Check a few of our listed capabilities.  

Vulnerability And Effective Threat Management Blue Vulnerability And Effective Threat Management White

Vulnerability and Effective Threat Management

Using a Defender for businesses can prioritize security and allow users to focus on the weakness that comes with the maximum risk of digital assets. Now, admins can quickly discover all the vulnerabilities and misconfiguration early.  

API Support And Integration Blue API Support And Integration Whi

API Support and Integration

Using automated workflow and integrated data, users can secure their data into their existing security platforms. Use Defender for Business in your security data and other event management tool.  

Reduce Attack Surface Blue Reduce Attack Surface White

Reduce Attack Surface

As a Microsoft Defender for business service providers, our team has capabilities like web protection, app control, ransomware mitigation, attack surface reduction, network firewall, etc. Now reduce the vulnerability in apps and devices by using our defender services. 

Automate Remediation And Investigation Blue Automate Remediation And Investigation White

Automate Remediation and Investigation

Get ready to scale your business security operations and examine alerts by taking immediate action to resolve attacks. Use our security team and reduce the alert volume by prioritizing complex tasks and minimizing the threats.  

Simplified Management Blue Simplified Management White

Simplified Management

To get a streamlined experience, help admins generate detailed security data and add security endpoints. The service ensures that your device is secured quickly, keeping in mind out-of-the-box security policies.  

Provide Next Generation Protection Blue Provide Next Generation Protection White

Provide Next-Generation Protection

Various cyber-attacks are increasing due to automated and indiscriminate ways. Using traditional antivirus solutions can bring inefficiency. Use our Defender for business solutions to use the next-generation antivirus protection. 

Highly Cost Effective Blue Highly Cost Effective White

Highly Cost-effective

One can minimize operational overheads with Microsoft Defender for Business. We help you with solutions and provide licenses most flexibly. Additionally, our Microsoft 365 Business premium help to deliver maximum security value. 

Cutting Edge Endpoint Detection And Response Blue Cutting Edge Endpoint Detection And Response White

Cutting-edge Endpoint Detection and Response

As one best Microsoft Defenders for business service providers, we help users generate behavior-based detection to remove and identify threats from environments. Take control of your devices, ensure excellent security, and add manual action when required. 

Industries We Serve

As a Microsoft solution partner, we offer comprehensive endpoint security solutions to strengthen the security in your organization's environment. However, our valuable capabilities include threat hunting, Microsoft threat experts, and data retention to meet your organization's requirements. We offer services and solutions to the following industries across countries like India, the USA, Canada, and more.   

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