Mission Critical LoB SaaS Application Hosting on Azure



  • Business continuity and data protection are critical issues for every organization
  • Meeting Performance, Security, Scalability, Reliability and Industry Regulatory Compliances is getting increasingly challenging for businesses resulting high cost of downtime.
  • Estimated hourly cost of downtime ranges $60k to $10Mn in various industries.
  • $2 Billion customer records compromised from variety of breaches, 99 days between infiltration and detection on an average, average business impact $17 million


  • Minimum 99% uptime with SLA
  • Geo Redundancy
  • Effective Threat management plan to mitigate threats
  • Enterprise security, compliances and data protection
  • Keep your business running
  • Reduce risks with easier compliance
  • Adapt quickly to changing business needs
  • Protect your data wherever it goes


  • Business Continuity
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of IT management
  • Manage the data explosion with ease

We are Global Cloud, Collaboration and Compliance Expert

Architecting and deploying
High Availability on different region
Security, Privacy and Transparency
24/7 Premium Support

Our framework and expertise at your work.

  • Design, build, deploy
  • Business use case at the center of plan
  • Success matrix driven

Readiness for data disaster

  • Built in geo-redundancy to help protect from a localized natural disaster.
  • Readiness for human error based disaster.

Bitscape’s Expertise, Microsoft Cloud Trust

  • Trusted solution by 90 percent of Fortune 500s
  • Truly consistent hybrid cloud.
  • Supports all popular open source technologies.

Things need attention 24/7

  • Our helpdesk of experts available 24/7 as part of SLA
  • Helps you before, after and during issues support.
  • Regular drills

Helping you maintain business continuity and data protection inheriting Microsoft Trusted Azure Cloud and Bitscape’s Global Cloud, Collaboration Expertise.

Solution Alignment

Scalable, highly available on Azure Cloud
Bitscape’s Expertise & Microsoft Cloud Trust
Security and Compliances


  • In two region of Azure
  • 10-25% performance improvement for end user
  • Always on, expanding application reliability and security.


  • Encrypt your sensitive data
  • Help protect virtual machines from viruses and malware
  • Help secure network traffic
  • Identify and detect threats


  • Bitscape’s expertise and framework for various industry regulatory compliances inherits Microsoft Cloud Certification and Compliances.
  • Extend SLA driven committed service delivery to your application