To witness an unrealistic version of digital transformation and escort an intelligent working fundamental, Integrate Artificial Intelligence with Azure services across your IT infrastructure. 



For customized application building capabilities, better data analysis approach, distinct machine learning behavior, maintaining secured cloud infrastructure, and offering a personalized and scalable experience, AI-driven Microsoft Azure service is vital for business.


So, bring advancement to your business process, accelerate the business’s logical delivery and rational development and deliver mission-oriented AI solutions with Azure applied AI services and Artificial Intelligence services in Azure. 


To leverage the operations of a wide variety of industries, Bitscape offers customized, industry-specific and Azure applied AI services that help modernize business processes, build scalable applications, and tailor the consumer’s requirements with Microsoft Azure AI solutions.


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Azure AI Applied Services

Artificial Intelligence Service in Azure

As a certified Microsoft Azure Expert MSP, our IT professionals deploy modern Azure cloud development service and Artificial Intelligence service in Azure for advancement in business processes, up-graphed business development, and cutting-edge security benefits. We believe to start from scratch or guide till the end. Bitscape strives to make you experience an excellent digital transformation journey at every touchpoint of your organization.  

Azure Bot Service Azure Bot Service (1)

Azure Bot Service

Azure Form Recognizer Azure Form Recognizer (1)

Azure Form Recognizer

Azure Cognitive Service Azure Cognitive Service (1)

Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Metrics Advisor Azure Metrics Advisor (1)

Azure Metrics Advisor

Azure Video Analyser Azure Video Analyzer

Azure Video Analyser

Azure Immersive Reader Azure Immersive Reader (1)

Azure Immersive Reader

Build AI Services with Azure

Talk to our Bitscape's skilled and accredited advisors to facilitate a data-driven and intelligent cloud computing service, AI plays a pivotal role across the system with end-to-end technology support, accelerate development and workflow management.  



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