Get a real-time visibility into all your projects, resources, and budgets and take your business to next level with Dynamics 365 Project Operations. Revolutionize your project management with Dynamics 365 project operations today!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations from Bitscape help streamline the project delivery by gaining control over your operations. It comes with a solution to support managing project progress, budgets, and delivery to make informed decisions adding real-time insights. Additionally, one can improve collaborations with the team by automating the financial processes and using a flexible platform. Get ready to make your organization more efficient and effective with Dynamics 365 project operations.

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Adapt to rapidly changing business environments and manage your project sales life cycle from invoicing and accounting. Optimize resource utilization, accelerate project delivery, and empower your team to get more contracts and business insights from sales to project financials. Moreover, the project operations come with valuable insights on resources use, analytics, gross margins, availability, tracking progress, and spending done on projects. It helps drive success for project-centric businesses and enables everyone to analyze, act, and automate across organizations by transforming the services. Get started with Dynamics 365 project operations and select a skill set that matches your project requirements.

Why Bitscape for Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

Bitscape offers Dynamics 365 project operations to provide a comprehensive platform to manage and deliver projects using customer-focused solutions. The central vision of Microsoft for MD365 Project operations was to connect teams across the project delivery lifecycle and offer business agility.

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Customization & Flexibility

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Integration with D365 Apps

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Real-time Insights

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Mobile Accessibility

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Security and Compliance

Dynamics 365 Project Operations Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project operations capabilities come with helping the organization manage end-to-end project delivery. It comes with offering a centralized platform to manage resources, finances, and various customer interactions. All you need to do is proper planning, execute, and then deliver projects effectively.

Project Management Blue Project Management White

Project Management

Use the robust project management capabilities which allow organizations to plan, monitor, and execute projects effectively. Additionally, this module offers features that define project plans and schedule resources with tracking processes against the milestone.

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Resource Management

This resource management module helps organizations manage their resources effectively and provides a centralized view, enabling the organization to allocate resources, balance workloads, and minimize overbooking.

Time And Expense Tracking Blue Time And Expense Tracking White

Time and Expense Tracking

It comes with a flexible time and expense tracking system, which helps organizations track time against projects, tasks, and various activities. Moreover, the module integrates with dynamics finance and accounting system to get seamless financial management.

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The module offers a centralized platform for project teams to collaborate and share information. While the project team will use this platform to share files, communicate, and track project-related activities easily.

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Reporting and Analytics

Use the wide range of reporting and analytics capabilities to offer organizations to gain insights into project performance with making informed decisions. Additionally, the module comes with the ability to create custom reports to meet specific business needs.

Budget Management Blue Budget Management White

Budget Management

Get ready to create and manage project budgets, tasks, and activities. Give your organization a way to track actual costs against budgeted costs by making an informed decision and good project spending.

Industries we serve

Bitscape, one of the leading Microsoft solutions partners, has helped various organizations across India, Canada, the US, etc., to fulfill their implementation, migration, support, and custom requirements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 project operations are designed to help companies in multiple industries manage their project operations effectively. Streamline your project management process by using D365 project operations as a solution.


Dynamics 365 project operations is a component of the Dynamics 365 suite, which Microsoft develops. Moreover, it's a cloud-based solution designed especially for organizations to manage project-based operations. The application developed using this solution offers a centralized platform to track project progress and budget and manage customer relationships and project financials.

  • If you have a service-based organization? 
  • If you have a simple project of and short duration? 
  • If you run your project financials and want to do cost management in a spreadsheet? 

If you have 'Yes' for all the above questions, you need Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations. 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations helps to create and approve project timesheets. It helps generate project invoices, manage, maintain invoice layout, and review invoices for accuracy in sales tax codes. Manage new project opportunities by building proposals and creating project contracts. Moreover, one can reduce demand and utilization by using own practice in the project organization.

Basic understanding of the project process management, idea of how D365 can be used, general knowledge of primary navigation within Dynamics 365, and understanding of cloud concepts along with the basic idea of Microsoft Power platforms.

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