Gain Insights, Increase Revenue, Reimagine Digital Data Analytics with Customer 360 View 

Microsoft Customer 360 view helps build an excellent customer experience without compromising privacy. As one of the best Microsoft solutions partners, we help businesses drive exceptional sales growth by understanding customers' behavior and offering personalized customer experiences. The 360-degree customer view also benefits firms across various sectors by creating an invaluable data pool for their customer journey. 


Use our customer 360 solution to give your organization a reliable view of customers while adding relevant attributes. Therefore, your employee or system can easily access customer data by moving around in digital channels and reducing the complexity of the customer journey.

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Common Customer 360 View Challenges

Data Silos White
Data Silos

There are chances that customers' data often reside in different systems, which ultimately results in data silos. Therefore, we implemented a data integration strategy that connects disparate systems and offers a centralized data repository. 

Scalability And Performance White
Scalability and Performance

Managing large amounts of data with time becomes more challenging. And at this point of time, you need to use cloud-based platforms that allow organizations to adapt to ongoing market demands and offer excellent decision-making skills and performance.

Data Quality And Consistency White
Data Quality and Consistency

We know that inaccurate data can undermine the effectiveness of the customer 360 view, which leads to incorrect insights. This is where our customer 360 view team ensures data quality and integrity across systems. 

Analytics And Insights White
Analytics and Insights

Extracting actionable customer insights and dealing with diverse data sets is complicated. To resolve this problem, we offer advanced analytics capabilities like AI and machine learning and generate valuable insights across different teams and departments.

Privacy And Security White
Privacy and Security

Storing and collecting data comes with security concerns. Therefore, we help organizations implement robust data security measures such as encryption and other authentication protocols. 

Organizational Alignment White
Organizational Alignment

Customer 360 view needs alignment and collaboration into sales, marketing, support, and more departments. To overcome this challenge, we establish cross-functional teams or committees to oversee the Customer 360 initiative. 

Real-time visibility and reporting (1)
Real-time Data Access

Providing real-time data access is challenging, especially when delivering large volumes. This is where we offer excellent real-time data integration platforms that do the work and capture customer data in real time by enabling updated insights.

Why Choose Bitscape Customer 360 Solution?

We provide solutions that automate customer data orchestration and ultimately connect and engage with customers at the moment. Moreover, our team offers a comprehensive view of customers across channels from internal and external sources. Connect with us to enable real-time decision-making and add customized analytics.

To Enhance Customer Intelligence Blue To Enhance Customer Intelligence White

To Enhance Customer Intelligence

Improved Loyalty & Support Blue Improved Loyalty & Support White

Improved Loyalty & Support

For Superior Predictive Analysis Blue For Superior Predictive Analysis White

For Superior Predictive Analysis

To Deliver Personalized Experience Blue To Deliver Personalized Experience White

To Deliver Personalized Experience

Seamless Customer Service Blue Seamless Customer Service White

Seamless Customer Service

For Fraud Detection Blue For Fraud Detection White

For Fraud Detection

Customer 360 Framework We Follow 

Azure Synapse ingests raw customer data using the Azure Synapse pipeline. Later the data source is stored in Azure Synapse analytics and data lake storage. Next comes Dynamics 365 customer insight which connects customer data from Azure Synapse. With this, admins configure the profiles of customers and unify them from customer insights to Azure Synapse. 


Admins create model endpoints and custom model workflow in customer insights by calling it an Azure Machine Learning pipeline. Lastly, Power BI is used to ingest customer 360 view data from customer insight to visualize the metrics and profiles.  


Our Potential Solutions for Customer 360 View 


Unlock Powerful Insights 


We are connecting your customers to get full ownership of data and deliver content in the right channel. We help create a personalized experience by adding powerful insights and building connections that use platforms to control customer data. To nature the expertise, we help unlock customer data, predict customer intent, deliver end-to-end experiences, utilize intelligent e-commerce, and quickly boost advertising performance.  


Get Powerful End-to-end Customer Experiences


Implementing a customer 360 view in your business helps to deliver robust end-to-end customer experiences by enhancing customer preferences, improving customer retention and loyalty, offering customized segments, reducing customer churn, and making data-driven decisions to stay ahead of the competition. Our robust customer services benefit users to contribute to your business growth and help create long-term relationships. 


Accelerate Growth and Deepen Customer Connections 


Our journey of Customer 360 view starts when using two objectives accelerating growth and deepening customer connections. Users can unlock data by engaging with their customers and driving profits. At the same time, it helps to predict customer intent and drive marketing efficacy. By using business collaboration, one can accelerate growth and enhance business visibility. Investing in customer journeys helps build connected campaigns in real-time, boost advertising performance, leverage intelligent eCommerce, and maintain long-term success.  


Extend with Azure Synapse Analytics  


Use Azure Synapse Analytics to get robust analytics services and enable businesses to analyze, process, and gain insights by adding capabilities like data integration, big data analytics, data warehousing, machine learning integration, security and governance, business intelligence, scalability, and cost optimization. Empower your organization to use our Azure Synapse analytics services and derive maximum value using data assets.  


Customer 360 Solution Accelerator 


Our Microsoft Solution Accelerator helps businesses to accelerate the adoption and implement technology tools. The accelerators work to address specific business requirements and offer guidance to users. It helps to overcome business challenges, add pre-built solution templates, and provide technical support and community. Leverage our Microsoft solution accelerators and digitize your business by reducing implementation risks and achieving faster time to value.  


The Comprehensive Solution We Designed for Our High-profile Client 


This solution accelerator showcases the cross-solution integration of Azure Synapse Analytics and Dynamics 360 Customer Insights and covers the below features:​ 


  • Customer Insights with Azure Data Lake Store as data storage​ 
  • Azure Synapse as data source for Customer Insights data​ 
  • Customer data unification and deduplication to build a unified customer profile​. 
  • Configured Customer Activities aggregation.  
  • Created Customer Segmentation​ 
  • Configured Data Enrichment​ 
  • Created Intelligence ​  

Industries We Serve

Our team aims to deliver cutting-edge customer 360 views and provide clients with digital solutions. With a thorough understanding of technology, we have 20+ years of experience serving different industries across multiple channels. We have rendered expertise in building strong clientele across countries like India, the USA, Canada, and more. 


Customer 360 view always refers to big data analytics that comes with structured and unstructured data and can reside in rows and columns of the database. Therefore, combining these data sources and analyzing them at one central location becomes necessary. This is where the customer 360 view service has been used. It is an idea where companies get a complete view of customers' data from various touch points.

  • Accelerate Growth and Conversions 

  • Engage In Meaningful Conversions 

  • Eliminate Juggling Between Multiple Tools 

  • Get Data at Your Fingertips

Both platforms serve different purposes, while Microsoft Customer Experience refers to integrated tools to help businesses deliver personalized customer experiences. It includes components like Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure AI to streamline data across multiple channels. 


Azure Synapse comes with a robust analytics service offered by Microsoft and is designed to combine big data and data warehousing into a single unified platform. It comes with components like Data integration, warehousing, advanced analytics, data exploration, and visualization to enable organizations to manage and analyze large volumes of data globally.   

Adapting to 360 customer view is essential to stay ahead of the competition and provide exceptional customer service. Customer 360 view comes with a comprehensive understanding of customers' interactions with the company. Moreover, it allows businesses to get personalized customer interactions, increase customer satisfaction, and improve overall performance. 

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