Build an ever-ready Cloud Infrastructure and help your business unlock models with increasing agility at low cost. 

Cloud Infrastructure is another name for cloud computing, and if you are seeking to transform your traditional IT into a new tech revolution, then Cloud infrastructure is all you need. Use digitization to change your business expectations by making it more focused and secure. Bitscape, a Microsoft solution Partner company, has 20+ years of experience in offering cloud services to businesses of all sizes. Our cloud consultant provides unique approaches, operational excellence, and automation capabilities to help customers gain excellence in delivering Cloud Infrastructure.  


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Microsoft Azure Services

Most businesses perform well due to their cloud infrastructure and cloud architecture. As one of the leading cloud infrastructure consulting service providers, we offer a platform to build exceptional customer and employee experience. Our cloud development team helps customers move their hardware-oriented infrastructure to software-defined applications. Moreover, we have helped several companies unlock their innovation in hybrid cloud environments. Connect with cloud consultants and ensure industry compliance by creating a modern digital workspace.  

Types of Cloud Services

Saas White

Software as a Service is a widely used cloud service to help businesses deliver strong customer experience. Also, it takes a large part of the IT burden off your company, where SaaS provides distributed apps and services and eliminates the need for software downloads. 

Iaas White

Infrastructure as a service offers on-demand access to computing resources that allow businesses to buy and manage hardware easily. It includes three models: public, private, and hybrid cloud. It contains essential building blocks for cloud IT, which usually gives access to networking features.

Paas White

Platform as a Service comes with a platform to create software by delivering via Intranet. Give your IT team the best design tool without bothering about other aspects. Add middleware, runtime, storage, servers, operating systems, virtualizations, and more to your PaaS.

Serverless White

With serverless architecture, developers can write and deploy code without managing the infrastructure. As a cloud provider, the server runs the application and provides storage and database while configuring the application needs. Connect to Cloud consulting services provider for more.  

Why Bitscape for Cloud Infrastructure Services?

Our dynamics cloud infrastructure solutions help customers protect their organization and support application types across all cloud infrastructures. Use our advanced features and multi-layer approach to add new features, update existing ones, or make any customization into your web application.

Professional Cloud Team Blue Professional Cloud Team White

Professional Cloud Team

Speed To Market Blue Speed To Market White

Speed To Market

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Multiple Service Offering Blue Multiple Service Offering White

Multiple Service Offering

Customer Satisfaction Blue Customer Satisfaction White

Customer Satisfaction

Lowered Complexity Blue Lowered Complexity White

Lowered Complexity 

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services Capabilities

Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services Blue Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services White

Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services

Run your cloud better by managing complexity and working as a backbone for modern enterprises. Use our managed services to optimize and manage IT infrastructure across hybrid environments.

Enterprise Network Blue Enterprise Network White

Enterprise Network

Meet demands with better bandwidth, perform excellently, and get desired security by adding an enterprise network to your business. Build, design, secure, and operate IT networks with us.

Digital Workspace Blue Digital Workspace White

Digital Workspace

Adapt to the new digital cloud workspace and get access to all files from anywhere while getting productive. Collaborate from any device and any location to improve business and hybrid work.

Cloud And Data Center Blue Cloud And Data Center White

Cloud and Data Center

Our cloud infrastructure service provider helps your organization to integrate, transform, and manage the infrastructure workload easily. Maintain large data centers by adding excellent security to them.

Database Platforms Blue Database Platforms White

Database Platforms

Add a variety of real-time maintenance and database management tasks, including automation in scaling, backup, high availability, and monitoring.

Cloud Migration Blue Cloud Migration White

Cloud Migration

Using our comprehensive cloud migration framework, add automation to your business across all cloud models using multiple delivery methods, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

Service Management Blue Service Management White

Service Management

Managing cloud infrastructure products and services is called cloud management. The service helps providers to monitor and maximize the use of cloud environments.

Cloud Security Blue Cloud Security White

Cloud Security

Gain employee trust and customer satisfaction by offering them industry-relevant threat protection. We help businesses accelerate strength to use scalable and cost-effective cloud security. 

Industries We Serve

Our Azure Expert Managed Services Provider is an industry leader in cloud services. We have a professional team to help you find the perfect cloud infrastructure solutions for your business. Our decades of experience have supported various clients across India, the US, and Canada.


Cloud infrastructure comes with a collection of elements and components needed in cloud computing. Add networking, storage, and computing power to access the virtualized resources. Additionally, the cloud infrastructure enables organizations to access data and various computing capabilities by creating an on-premises IT infrastructure. 

It works to separate resources from hardware and then install it on the cloud. Also, virtual resources are provisioned into cloud environments. They use tools such as automation and management, enabling resources when required.

  • Agile engineering environments 
  • Data center modernization 
  • Intelligent data platforms 
  • Resilient web platforms 
  • Workplace cloud solutions 
  • Enterprise apps on the cloud 

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