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Dedicated Team Hiring India

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With Bitscape, you won’t have to worry about the work you need to outsource. Dedicated Development is a good choice if you need a team of highly-qualified professionals for you IT solutions. Bitscape offers clients an easy and cost-effective solution through its experienced team. Our team will work for you with singular dedication. We have extensive experience in the field and so by hiring the best qualified staff pertaining to your work, it will give you the best custom bespoke results.  

These professionals will work become a part of your company and will give you the best results with maximum efficiency and minimum expense. We can provide you the skilled offshore team in your budget, We can provide you the perfect offshore team for the multiple jobs. So keep a special and dedicated team for your company and reach to the pinnacle of the market.  

You can choose the dedicated model (one months, two months etc.) for your need by contacting our business Analyst click here  

Benefits of hiring dedicated staff from Bitscape: 

  • Selecting with dedicated team as per your need.
  • Possibility for pre-screening each team member.
  • Highly Experienced staff.
  • Vast pool of IT resources with diverse skills.
  • A favourable development environment.
  • Team working time adjustment for your time zone.
  • Ready to use IT infrastructure.
  • High Bandwidth Internet connection.
  • Quick Support available.
  • Adoption of your process and methodologies upon requirements.
  • Transparent process and comprehensive reporting.
  • Complete control over your projects flow (requirements/ schedules/ deliverables/ priorities).
  • Established intellectual property protection procedures and mechanisms.
  • Timing - 8 Hours per Day, 6 Days a Week- Monday to Saturday.

Bitscape’s Dedicated Team Approaches:  

  • Screening & Selection: Selecting the right candidate for the right position is a time consuming process. Client goes through the resumes/CV provided by us. Client then takes interview of the selected candidates. On the bases of the candidate performance during the interview client will select the professional for the position they want.
  • Engagement: The steps and tasks in this phase cover the many ongoing activities that occur during the resource’s engagement. This basically includes the assembling the core team that works for the client. Appointment of project manager for the project is done during the kick of meeting to identify the roles and responsibility for the project. This can be done with client and all the stake holders. Reporting structure is defined within the project team and to the client.
  • Knowledge Transition: To transfer the Domain Knowledge from customer to the offshore team the KT team work onsite and prepare the KT documents, the aim of this phase is to build Relationship building with client's project team, transfer knowledge of design and coding standards, to transfer of client development environment & configurations.
  • Benchmarks/Pilot Run: To get familiar with product or application and client’s working methodology; the client can start with a Pilot Project. The client chooses a short-term task which can be completed in a few days or weeks. Jointly select suited programmer(s) to develop and evaluate the result. Our team starts working on the pilot run and give delivery.
  • Ramp Up: As the pilot is completed, the client evaluates the first delivery made to them. Our offshore project team then refines the development or test methodologies if needed. Client verifies the productivity and quality against agreed norms.
  • Steady State: Once the client is happy with the performance of the offshore project team and knowledge they can now start working on the actual real time assignment. The project team will work smoothly for the client until the agreement expires. The agreement can be renewed for further engagement.

To know more about dedicated development and how it can be useful to you, get in touch with us and get all the answers from our analysts.

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