Events / Paradigm Shift In Transition
Paradigm shift in transition 14 Jun 2013 | Hyatt Hotel, Sabarmati Hall, Near Vastrapur Lake, Vastrapur,Ahmedabad

‚Äč Cloud computing has emerged as decades biggest shift in the way organisations use Information Technology. It is believed today that the hype for cloud computing has driven its popularity, but what is the actually driver behind it that will be able to continue for years? One factor that is driving the demand for cloud computing is the explosive growth of data in recent years. According to projections by Century Link, by 2015, the world will see a four-fold increase in the amount of data being created and replicated. Once this happens there needs to be a way to store this data safely and also allowing multiple users from multiple locations to access and use it. As time passes, and technology progresses as well, cloud computing is now becoming better, faster, and smarter.