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Skype for Business

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We at Bitscape, understand the need for development and deployment of Managed Skype for business. As Skype is a part of Microsoft Office 365, it gives you the Create collaborative Classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with all staff – all from a single experience in Office 365 Education. The business organizations greatly appreciate Skype for conference calls, instant messaging, Screen sharing, and Video conferencing.

But in order to develop a collaboration and communication environment, it is necessary to manage the features of Skype for business. This is where; you are going to seek our professional services. There is no doubt that Skype for Business can simplify your communication infrastructure by ensuring you virtual access remotely.

But it’s also true that Skype doesn’t offer you some important features via office 365 business subscriptions. We have keenly analyzed the needs of our clients and thus have come up with this Managed Skype for the Business module. Our Managed Skype for Business mainly offers you:

  • Unlimited meetings and calls with anyone from anywhere: Our professionals understand the need for appointments and meetings, thus have designed a unique module to manage this. With our Managed Skype system, you can easily connect with users up to 250. Again, it doesn’t matter, whether they are on Skype for Business or not, you can still connect with them via their phone or internet connection.
  • Enhanced Collaboration tools: When you are dealing with your customers, you need to ensure proper collaboration with their ideas and thinking. Thus, we have equipped powerful tools like Application & Desktop sharing with complete access, VoIP calling, Txt chats and many more.
  • Security: Indeed, security is one of the major concerns when you are managing communication over Skype. In order to enhance the security module, we have enabled strong authentication and data encryption modules with our Managed Skype for Business. Even, you can also manage the employee accounts as well as features.
  • Cost: We don’t charge any upfront cost from you. All you need to offer is the monthly subscription charges. This greatly reduces unnecessary infrastructure management costs, and thus you can easily manage the IT costs within your budget plan.

Apart from these Managed services, we also offer Unique PSTN and Call center integration modules. Yes, these services are not included in the Skype Business subscriptions. Our experts have keenly designed these modules in order to enhance the business productivity of organizations.

  • PSTN dialing and conferencing: With this feature, you are not limited to connect with your employees only. Rather, you can flexibly manage important communications beyond your organization. You don’t to change your interface, but you can still connect with external lines without any hassle.
  • Contact center solutions: It doesn’t matter whether you have one location or more, with contact center integration, you can manage communication across multiple platforms. Yes, we have designed this module with Skype’s intelligent routing as well as application integration features.

We ensure you the most reliable Managed Skype for Business as per your business needs. If you wish to know more about our Managed Skype system, then feel free to contact us.