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Automated Desktop Deployment Solutions

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We, Bitscape, help modernise your desktop and data management operation.

A complete Managed Automated Desktop Deployment Solutions a Microsoft Windows deployment accelerator solution that enhances operational requirements to achieve the most efficiency in business processes while reducing your overall costs.

The methodology Managed Automated Desktop Deployment Solutions uses assists IT teams to develop clearly defined, traceable and repeatable processes for both Windows 7 and application virtualization migrations. Managed Solution minimizes the risks of Windows 7 migrations.

You will realize the benefits of Windows 7 while minimizing the disruption and cost of an operating system migration steps for a successful deployment and simplified on-going management of Windows 7 include:

Systems Management – Desktop and Mobility
Our System Management Solutions are offered as part of our unique Managed Operating Environment (MOE) suite. This suite features all the tools and services you require to simplify, standardise and automate your IT environment to any required level

What is desktop management?
End-users crave mobility and flexibility, with the freedom to access their desktops, applications and data anytime from anywhere on any device. Organizations and their IT departments are facing an increasing demand to support an ever growing and diverse base of user devices, operating systems, and applications and as well as maintain desktops and end-point devices for all users.

Desktop management consists of software tools that help organizations minimize management time and cost, while giving users a simple, fast, and reliable desktop experience. It reduces desktop TCO by centralizing and simplifying desktop management across the entire lifecycle responds quickly to desktop issues by proactively monitoring system performance and availability.

It also gives users up-to-date desktops and applications that are managed and updated centrally in the data centre and provides a superior PC experience delivered by Bitscape Infotech.

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