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Private Cloud & Virtualization Solutions

Data-Center Management and Virtualization Solution provides reliable and cost effective technology platform where users improve data-center operations and leverage reliable services. This helps user to have solutions based on Hyper-V technology and Microsoft system center in the cloud.

Businesses are increasingly becoming dependent on IT for mission critical applications to achieve their business goals. Organizations want to ensure that IT is managed effectively and efficiently. Organizations are also looking for lower operation costs, greater and wider use of automation, use of best of breed tools and processes, provide high application availability, and manage service levels. Now a days business dependency on IT is growing, organizations need to ensure that data centers have the flexibility to address ever-changing business demand. Industry trends show that most customers have issues related to data growth, system performance and scalability, effective utilization of resources, energy consumption, tracking and handling of assets, migration to new environment and network congestion to name a few.

Bitscape has designed solutions to help organizations overcome these challenges. Bitscape data centre services are aimed to help organizations reduce IT Infrastructure & operational costs, to achieve higher service & performance levels and manage IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively.

Global System Integration

Bitscape Infotech Pvt Ltd, has uniquely designed data centers provide security, physical environment, and networking capability which support even the most mission-critical and complex applications.

Bitscape has invested in people, process and technology to provide end to end support and has been a pioneer in remote infrastructure management.

Bitscape Infotech Pvt Ltd Data Centre Platform includes:
•Server / OS management.
•Database Management.
•Middleware management.
•Storage management.
•Production Operations.
•Mainframe Services.

Type of Data Center Services includes
•Support services.
•Technical consulting services.
•Outsourcing services.
•Application services.
•Technical training services.
•Financing and leasing services.

Several services in Data Center:


•Automated backup of critical data and immediate application support.
•Network optimization via industry best practices for IT virtualization.
•Deploy efficient provisioning and management with least costs.
•In-developed IT virtualization migration tools assisting with P2V, V2P, or V2V migrations.
•Team includes certified experts in the latest IT virtualization and storage technologies.
•Flexible work environment (integration of emerging technology with ease of use).
•Achieve faster time to value for your virtualization products.