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Microsoft AZURE Development

The power of the cloud helps enterprises to improve in business values by transforming the traditional business system. Initially ,for any enterprise, it is quite confusing to adopt the cloud because of plenty of cloud service providers, with different level of transparency, security, pricing models, besides the unclear SLAs and lack of flexibility of single point accountability which increases the complexity to adopt the cloud.

As an enterprise you should consult the proven cloud service partner who can take the entire cloud lifecycle ownership, with transparency and single point accountability.

Bitscape being an innovative and Microsoft certified cloud accelerator partner offers professional services which can help you harness the power of the cloud by integrating within your existing enterprise investment to transform your traditional business method.

We have certified developers and architect on Microsoft Azure Development platform and we have experience developing large portal on Windows Azure utilizing SQL Azure, AppFabric (which is cloud middleware) and windows azure. We have also integrated Office 365 exchange online in application developed and hosted at Azure Cloud ensuring great result and its integration with office 365 products.

The Microsoft Azure Platform is a Microsoft cloud platform used to build, host and scale web applications through Microsoft data centres. Windows Azure Platform is thus classified as platform as a service and forms part of Microsoft's cloud computing strategy, along with their software as a service offering, Microsoft Online Services. The platform consists of various on-demand services hosted in Microsoft data centres and commoditized through three product brands.

These are

  • Windows Azure (an operating system providing scalable compute and storage facilities),.
  • SQL Azure (a cloud-based, scale-out version of SQL Server) and.
  • Windows Azure AppFabric (a collection of services supporting applications both in the cloud and on premise).

Following are Microsoft Azure Platform Components

  • Windows Azure Compute.
    • Web Role.
    • Worker Role.
    • VM Role.
  • Windows Azure Storage.
    • Table.
    • Queue.
    • Blob.
  • SQL Azure.
    • SQL Azure Data Sync.
    • SQL Azure Reporting.
  • Content Delivery Network.
  • Azure AppFabric.
    • Access Control.
    • Caching.
    • Service Bus.
  • Windows Azure Fabric Controller.
  • Azure Market Place.
  • Azure Virtual Network.
    • Azure Connect.
    • Azure Traffic Manager.

If you have understood the cloud computing wholly or partly and want to get clearer about wherever you are unsure, this is the right time you consult the proven cloud solution provider, to take advantage of this new wave.

Bitscape being Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner has expertise and tools to help you decide right cloud platform and resources.

Contact us today for your SharePoint requirements or send us your email at info@bitscape.com