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Remote Staff Augmentation Services

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Bitscape facilitates your business a bright opportunity to create an efficient and augmented staff. Consisting apex talent can give your business the aggressive edge that’s essential to do well in today’s market, however it can be tricky to hire for short term contracts or special implementations.  For the enterprises which non-technical have incredible issues discovering IT staff since they are not typically well versed in knowing the types of talent necessary for the precise and timely completion of technical projects.

Bitscape’s staff of extremely knowledgeable, certified engineers and technicians is available to our clients for any project which involves specific expertise in a particular area. Staff augmentation is also helpful if a customer is trading with an employee taking extensive vacation time or covering a innovative role to hire a person who is ready to take over. With Bitsacpe’s Staff Augmentation Services, you are free to focus on handling your business goals.

Employees are certified specialized in their particular domain of skill and have full access to our technical knowledge base. They are absolutely supported by the infrastructure of our development centers in India.

The areas of skill which our augmented employees are at present available for are:

Office 365, Azure Remote Support, SharePoint Support, CRM Online Support, SQL and Analytics Support, Power BI Support, Microsoft EMS support, Yammer Support, Azure Site Recovery Configuration and Support.

We at Bitscape focus on our client’s priorities. Your enterprise requirement of Staff Augmentation is for a year, for a month, we have staff to meet your requirements. We are having a dynamic recruiting team with numerous years, practice which respond to your staff requests in appropriate timing.

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services with Bitscape:

If your organization business is small to mid-sized business and don’t wish to go throughout the development of appointment, maintaining and providing profit and paying taxes for a full time staff working in your workplace then Bitscape has ideal solution for you to resolve your IT and business necessities.

  • Cost effectiveness: by adopting Staff Augmentation you will be hiring effective staff without any requirement to setup a luxurious office place, pay for leaves or vacations, health, travel expenses, employment taxes, etc.
  • Time Proficiency: our effective staff is devoted to you and will have skill and practice in their respective fields. They are bound persons, functioning towards meeting your business requirements.
  • Direct Access: your organization can get direct access to these resources and can directly assign work to them. Working with Bitscape’s resources would be precisely like functioning with your own staff. You can train our resources as per your processes and reporting methodologies and the same would be followed.
  • IT Protection: All logical belongings or copyrights of the work done by our resources would remain with you as we would work on the basis as per you hire our resources.

Please contact us today or drop your inquires at info@bitscape.com to know how we can help you further. You may also call on +91 9879 816 165