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Azure Operations Management Suite (OMS )

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Bitscape, the leading IT solutions provider, helps small and large businesses to get the optimal ROI. Our IT experts are well-adept with every nuance of successful and effective IT infrastructure planning, initiating IT system and development.

Bitscape has been a prominent factor in helping numerous businesses to achieve their optimum potential. We hold lengthy consultation sessions, so as to provide the best-suited solutions to each business, in their pursuit of commercial progress. We discuss the present IT structure, their business goals and formulate the best solutions for them.

The Microsoft Azure OMS (Operational Management Systems) is designed to offer optimal control and monitoring of the everyday business functions. This tool is effective in streamlining and synchronizing the various different business operations to ensure optimal productivity and excellent business performance for you.

To give you a perfect example of how advanced and thorough our IT solutions are, we would like to highlight an instance where we used Microsoft Azure OMS when a client was searching to have their IT infrastructure assessed, plan an effective infrastructure and to perform System Center Configuration Management and UMM. For this, we took the following efficient approach:


Implementation Approach

  • Preplanning Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Deployment Phase


Preplanning Phase

This phase includes assessing and documenting the existing computing power and system, later determining the technical and business goals, and helping to build a testing lab before launching the pilot project.

The following steps are performed during the planning stage:

  • Analyzing and documenting current IT environment
  • Assessment of requirements and identifying goals
  • Developing a test lab environment


 Planning Phase

In this phase, it is required to determine the configuration of your Configuration Manager site, and to design and integrate the functions specifically required by your business to achieve its goals. Here, the site’s security, backup and recovery options are also determined.

With each progressive step, you can easily test configuration variations and deployment situations in a test lab environment, effectively and efficiently.


Deployment Phase

This phase involves planning the hierarchy structure and validating it by testing it thoroughly in the test lab. After this, a pilot deployment can be easily performed. As soon as the system validates the new hierarchy design, it can be effectively put into the production scenario.

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