Azure Application Hosting

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​As a company if you are planning to migrate to Microsoft Azure, you need to consider Bitscape.

Bitscape is the first managed service provider which directly manages Azure workloads; provide a single pane of glass for all Microsoft infrastructure and unify management of applications across Azure, Microsoft private cloud and Hybrid environments.

Bitscape can guide your company through on boarding the Azure ecosystem – with the assurance that Azure cloud infrastructure meets the current and future needs of your organization.

Bitscape also carry unique experience in the management of public, private and hybrid IT cloud environment, empowering you to customize a solution perfect for your organization.

Windows Azure can host two types of applications. The first one is a Web Role which is very similar to a web application running under IIS. The second, referred to as a Worker Role, which can be thought of as a regular Windows service. It is very important to keep in mind that application instances run behind a built-in load balances mechanism.

In an overview, Windows Azure hosting environment is an array of virtual machines which runs Windows 2008 R2 operating system. The VMs are created, started, stopped and disposed of by the platform automatically. To host an application instances Windows Azure first creates a clean VM using a default image, which already includes all the applicable updates, patches and hotfixes, then deploys the application into the image and starts the VM.

The Azure platform and NServiceBus are perfect. The Azure platform facilitates the scalable and flexible platform for your designs. Azure offers various ways to host applications.

Microsoft Azure is a global network of Microsoft data centers. Azure is an open, flexible Public Cloud Infrastructure platform that offers enterprise-grade scale and power. Currently, almost more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies are using Microsoft Azure for cloud based application workloads.

Bitscape as a Microsoft Dynamics partner today, so there are some specific services which we provide.

  • Dynamics customers now have a more straight forward choice between choosing Azure or premise solution. Our team will thoroughly test and move their production ERP workloads to Azure with confidence and peace of mind, and take advantage of any Azure consumption benefits that may be of their licensing agreements. .
  • For Microsoft Dynamics partner, the launch also offers more options to deliver cloud ERP for their customers in partnership with SaaS. Customers can earn the recognition for adding customers on Azure and do so without the investment to build up their Azure knowledge and experience, or developing Azure specific support services and staff.​