Analytics Consulting Services

While we understand that work of most corporates and businesses is driven by organizational vision, we strongly believe that understanding the potential of new technologies and specially business analytics is key for growth and success of an organization and its online branding. The following are our corporate brand awareness observations.

Our common observations for corporate brand:

  • Corporate literature is always scanned and monitored for the information it contains.
  • Great deal of importance on global corporate identity but no clear vision or strategies for business and business services websites.
  • Stated facts, Format of presentation, Visual appeal are more closely monitored for printed material than for websites.
  • Search results are cluttered with ‘brand stealers’ or clones, which steal web traffic.
  • The same attention is however missing in case of Internet Search results, analytics and online business potential of your websites.
  •  There is need for a clear and uniform brand communication that is relevant and easy to understand for visitors.
  • Lack of knowledge about how search engines work and what search engine compliance is all about.
  • Lack of prioritization when it comes to enhancing the company’s image on the Internet.
  • Lack Information about such specialized service available.

With all your business objectives in mind;

We at Bitscape understand that you may already have analytics skills and technology in use which may require some expert consulting in delivering your client solution or your organizational solution. With this in mind we offer two quick and easy buy now support pack. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee so go ahead and talk to experts. Usually it takes maximum 1 business day to resolve or start working on your requirements after understanding it.

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