Timesheet System

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Automate Time Booking & Monitoring Reports.

  • Time Tracker
  • Notifications
  • Reports

Key Business Benefits
  • Value for Decision Maker
    • Track billable time faster, Results in faster invoicing and collections.
    • Increase employee productivity by making time tracking easy and fast.
  • Value for Manager
    • Track employee time, access real-time reports over the web.
    • Export Timesheet reports to PDF or Excel.
  • Value for User
    • Easy Web interface, Easy login with your organization credentials.
    • Log time from anywhere.
Key Features
  • Track and monitor billable and non-billable time.
  • Better managing all your projects, clients and working hours.
  • Automated notifications - E-mail notifications and alerts can be automatically sent to employees and managers.
  • Project Team hierarchy – Build project team hierarchy for approvers hierarchy.
  • Approval workflows - Approval Workflows direct submitted timesheet to designated manager for approval.
  • Time lockout - No information be added, or altered, after a Manager’s approval.