Secure Document Management Systems

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Bitscape Vault is the Secured Enterprise Collaboration System and Document Management System that captures and manages documents, information flow and processes within an organization with major industry or regulatory compliances adhered. It helps organizations to be more productive and secured in collaboration.

Bitscape Vault is available in as ready solution to meet industry needs for compliances, secured collaboration and regulatory requirement for following industries.

  • Bitscape Vault for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Bitscape Vault for Government Business
  • Bitscape Vault for BFSI Industry
  • Bitscape Vault for Manufacturing Industry
  • Bitscape Vault for Research and Development Organizations
  • Bitscape Vault for Secured Collaboration – General

Features :

  • Compliance Features
    • Approval Workflow with different users – Reviewers, Approvers, Department Head
    • Digital Signature for user authentication during approval/review of document
    • Print Preview Functionality before approval
    • Print functionality for different versions of the document
    • Print Audit Logs
    • Digital Signature Audit Logs
    • Offline mode capability i.e. synchronization with local pc or cloud based storge or file share
    • Different copies of document during print – Controlled, Uncontrolled, Master
    • Content protection during and after print functionality.
  • Capture
    • Simple drag and drop from the desktop to the web browser allows users
    • Supports forms-based document import, with simple content templates.
    • Similar Microsoft productivity tools for collaboration.
    • Secured and controlled actions on the content.
  • Share & Collaborate
    • Seamless organization wide cross team, cross location or cross department collaboration.
    • Content annotation
    • Framework to manage retention and compliance needs.
  • Process & Review
    • Includes an intuitive workflow feature that allows business users to easily configure simple or multi-step tasks.
    • Supports structured or ad-hoc business processes.
    • Reusable templated workflow and processes across teams.
    • Content preview available.
    • Records all activities performed on the document. 
    • Regulatory or Industry specific processes adhered.
  • Publish & Archive
    • Share documents that have been created and stored with a broader audience.
    • Deployments with a distributed information architecture, balancing ease of publication for content control.
    • Delivers a flexible navigation capability that allows business users browse documents by the metadata dimensions most meaningful to the organization.
    • Document Archive
    • User trash where deleted documents are stored
  • Search & Find
    • Search your document repository by "looking through" into the content of your documents.
    • Advanced search features allow you to refine your query with the document metadata or the document location within the repository.
    • An advanced navigation mechanism that enables repository browsing with dynamic filtering on multiple metadata.
    • Direct download or go to taxonomy document in result search view
Industry add on available.
Some of the compliances addressed for various industries by the solution are
  • FDA, HIPPA, CFR 21 part 11, MHRA
  • ISO 27001, 27018
  • Service Organization Controls Reports - SOC1, SOC2, SOC3
  • CJIS
We continuously add and adhere regulatory and industry specific needs.