Room Reservation System on SharePoint - Office 365

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Room Reservation System on SharePoint - Office 365  is a robust platform with exciting new features and capabilities achieving most of the business objective within the same platform.

However, we at Bitscape are well versed with all the technicalities within SharePoint platform and have delivered plenty of solutions and products E.g. A Conference Room Reservation System with calendar facility available in SharePoint including other features like, Show main calendar with different views like Month/Week/Day, Call out popup window for calendar with timers settings and Download iCalendar/Edit/Delete facility, Filtering facility to show meetings arranged for particular room, Expand/Collapse facility if more than 4 events are registered on the same date, Drag & drop events from one day to another with the facility of preventing events conflicting, Allow administrator to set time format of the calendar along with other locale settings like 24H format/12H format.

An enterprise client recently asked us to make a solution for booking company conference rooms. The client is a technically savvy company with many offices around the nation and 5-6 conference rooms at each location. The challenge was to get workers who were constantly traveling from one workplace to another to have the ability to locate a free conference space "on the fly", that had the gear and space they needed. 

It allows users to add new event details along with basic details of the meetings, attendees of the meetings and food services, Allows user to select contact details from outlook. Once the user completes entering all information about events send email to all attendees with iCalendar as attachment so that user can set it in their calendar of outlook, Call out popup window for room details like picture of the room, room width, Allow user to search for free rooms from outlook.

Bitscape being an IT consulting firm has helped many organisations e.g. for HR management system, with a must need functionalities like.

Calendar functionalities: Allows user to select different views like Month/Week/Day, Configure fields to show in call out window, Set call out trigger time, Set call out end time, Add filter to filter specific room details, Open call out window, Drag and drop facility for events from one date to another.

Time format of the main calendar: Create various properties in the web part to override the regional settings available in the site itself, Create properties like settings hour format 12H or 24H, Allow calendar to behave as per the properties configured by user, Send email notification, Send email to administrator when new event is added/edited, Send email to all attendees of the particular event, vCalendar as Attachment in email, User should be able to save vCalendar into their outlook.

Add new reservation: Add/edit event’s basic details, Add/edit event’s attendees information, Add/edit event’s food service information, Allow selection of contact from outlook.

Outlook integration: Search for room on particular date and time slot, Custom component which takes input from client like date and time and search for free rooms, If user finds free slot then allow them to reserve room.

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