Helpdesk Solutions on SharePoint - Azure

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When you invest in a SharePoint based Help Desk portal you give your users the issue support they need when they need it most. You can track each issue's lifecycle from the initial trouble ticket straight through to issue resolution.

  • Improve Customer service levels
  • Improve the relationship between the customers
  • Email Notifications can be sent easily
  • Better service can be provided the client

  • Web based interface.
  • Track the lifecycle of each issue.
  • Categorize the help desk issue.
  • Prioritize the issue.
  • Dashboard is available.
  • Notifications can be sent to the concerned persons.
  • Levels of ticket priority has been defined.
  • Ability to reassign tickets.
  • Email can be sent on completion or achievement of issue / critical task.
  • Ability to view the conversation of the staff.
  • A Centralized access can be provided depending on the permission levels.
  • End user ticket creation using web form.
  • Alerts can be sent to staff on major achievements or completion issue.
  • Important announcements are made visible.
  • Search functionality is been made available.
  • Export & Import facility made available.
  • Various reports can be built on the request​.