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Enterprise Service Management

Bitscape being an IT consulting company helps organisations develop robust web based application, software products and solutions which ultimately help manage the resources, integrate various process within the business and automate them to save time expense and manpower and help to increase the business productivity. Our technical consultants are well versed with all the technicalities within .net, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies hence we at Bitscape delivered plenty of solutions and products as per the need of our client.

Enterprise Integration is a simple distributed function wherein applications run on multiple systems in multiple locations using multiple databases and files. Data is distributed and infrastructure is distributed, Networks are distributed and users too. Today every single industry and business is on an overdrive; competitive pressures and customer demands are forcing enterprises to re-invent themselves.

Therefore, Enterprise integration processes also need to be distributed thus executing in any number of places where integration of systems is required. To compete in such an environment and squeeze the customer-response time, enterprises are discovering the latent value in enterprise business solutions and e-enabling their internal systems &optimizing your global operations is critical for future growth & success. Also to offer its clients the best enterprise solutions & services, Backed with reputed & enterprise level experienced business & domain experts. & provide holistic functionality for better enterprise productivity and response.?

These Enterprise solutions help in further improvement in business processes through streamlined multi step processes. They also help further reduce complexities in network and improve speed and agility of overall operations. You can be sure of a reduction or minimizing of time and resources involved to create new processes. Overall it helps companies achieve superior operational responsiveness

Few of the Enterprise Solutions:
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
• Supply Chain Management (SCM).
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
• Legacy Application Integration.
• SharePoint Solutions.
Some Enterprise Integration Services includes
• Infrastructure and Deployment.
• Design and Development Services.
• Managed Services.
• Migration Services.
• Post Implementation Maintenance & Support Services.
• Administrative Support Services.
• Database Support.
• Testing in QA on Cloud Integration.

Thus you can opt for Bitscape as a suitable and reliable enterprise Services Company to meet your demands for a well framed enterprise solutions services. We being well positioned to help you navigate the Cloud Eco-system, blending the hardware, software, consulting, and service management experience needed to gain the full benefits of Cloud Services. We understand how best to integrate these new services alongside traditional IT delivery models.