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Dynamics 365 Sales Solutions

Nowadays, the Sales Force automation applications are not enough to enhance the sales ratio. This is the reason, why the clients are greatly seeking for innovative sales solutions for their sales team. Bitscape understood the rising demand for effective sales solutions, thus started offering Dynamics 365 Sales Solutions.

If you are looking for customized add-on solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365, then you can simply check the sales solutions offered by Bitscape. Bitscape has been offering unique and innovative sales solutions for years and has set a reliable brand reputation in the market. The professionals have in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, thus have managed to add necessary solutions to it.

Important features of Dynamics 365 Sales Solutions

  • Digital Intelligence – Because of the automated business process and digital intelligence features in Dynamic 365 sales solution, you can effectively experience automated lead scoring and predictive analytics benefits. This will greatly help you in managing your decision throughout the sales cycle.
  • Complete Customer Profile – Most of the time, the leads go out of the sight, because of incomplete profiling. But with this version of Dynamic 365, you can easily manage the contact details and information. Starting from social insights to up-to-date customers profile will be submitted to the sales team through this sales solution. This will help your sales team to enhance the engagements and conversations with the customers.
  • Personal interaction with sales team – With this feature, you can collect necessary information from the common spreadsheet at the time of emergency. Mainly, the custom sales documents and shared meeting notes will help you in interacting with the sales team personally.

Dynamic 365 sales services offered at Bitscape

  • Pipeline Analysis and Snapshot solution – With this solution, you can efficiently track and monitor the sales process of your team at every stage of sales cycle. This will help you to determine, which team members are dedicatedly working and achieving sales target every month. Apart from analysis, you can also take snapshots of the sales information in order to prepare infographics. The visuals charts and the infographics of snapshots help you in determining the sales growth.
  • Sales Forecasting accuracy – Depending on the pipeline as well as the performance report of the sales team, this service will help you in determining the accuracy of sales forecasting. There are many applications, which will offer you sales forecasting benefits, but with this solution, you can check the accuracy of those sales forecasting. You can easily determine the amount, time frame and percentage of accuracy with Bitscape.
  • Lead qualification and Approval – This service helps you in identifying a lead with the account, contact, and opportunity information. Thus, you can now easily manage the lead qualification process and can submit active leads to the sales funnel. Apart from that, you are also able to approve the lead requests submitted by the sales team.

Why choose services from Bitscape?

  • Affordable pricing – The Dynamic 365 sales services are offered at competitive price. No Hidden charges in the quotation.
  • Microsoft certified professionals – The experts have good knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and are also certified.
  • Dedicated customer support – In case of emergency, feel free to call.